Online Dating: When A Person Agrees To A Date But Then Stops Responding?

Online Dating: When A Person Agrees To A Date But Then Stops Responding?

People online agree to dates all the time that they never follow through with.

It’s a darker, murkier side of online dating that is just a reality.

Don’t feel bad that this person has stopped responding.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense.

Why agree to a date so wholeheartedly only to stop responding?

The day of the date has since come and gone and this person remains a ghost.

A far cry from weeks passed where this person filled your spirit with laughter and camaraderie.

You really thought that this would be the one.


Someone worth your time.

Online dating has been challenging enough and it felt like you finally got your break.

Don’t fret.

This happens to the best of us.

Online dating isn’t an exact science.

It is a numbers game.

Though this person was a breath of fresh air, they were still just a number.

A faulty one at that.

Push forward with some bitter lessons learned from this experience.

No matter how great the conversations have been with a person that you have met on an online dating site, there are no guarantees that they follow through on a date that has been agreed upon.


Online dating is a busy market where many are working to attract the attention of the best possible suitor.

You weren’t the only one that this person was talking to.

As an attractive person on an online dating site, the attention paid to them is rampant.

They are getting matches like crazy.

They are conducting conversations with multiple people at a time.

Other dates were agreed upon and arranged.

If they arranged a date with someone else that was more appealing to them, ditching the date that they already had planned with you was inevitable.

It’s cold-blooded, but it’s human nature.

Online dating has made so many people too picky for their own good.

They are lining up dates with the best possible matches, then breaking those dates as their interest is suddenly captured by someone brand new who is even more attractive than everyone else.

This is a person that was intent on meeting you but fell prey to the “shiny object syndrome.”

Something more delicious and irresistible came alone that this person simply couldn’t ignore.

You got ditched for something they believed to be better.

Yes, this wreaks of entitlement and arrogance, but the “shiny object syndrome” where people focus on the flavor of the week only to have their attention redirected to a new flavor of the week is something that is as associated with online dating as turkey is to Thanksgiving.

If this person didn’t give in to the new flavor of the week, their sudden lack of response to you is attributed to cold feet.

Some people are just not ready to date.

Even though they are on a dating site, they are not actually serious about dating.

They just want the attention.

This person only agreed to the date to be agreeable.

Surely, they were reluctant to let it be known that their presence on the dating site was simply for the attention and to make temporary online friends to help kill some of their loneliness.

Agreeing to the date is a lot easier to do than explaining why they have been wasting your time chatting for the last few days or weeks.

Now, they can slip away quietly and act as though the days or weeks of correspondence that they shared with you never happened.