Online Dating: Why Do I Keep Losing Friends With Benefits After 1-2 Months Of Seeing Them?

Online Dating: Why Do I Keep Losing Friends With Benefits After 1-2 Months Of Seeing Them?

You have been meeting girls on dating apps who are interested in having a friends with benefits relationship.

This is right up your alley.

It’s what you signed up on a dating app for.

You commence with having sexual relationships with these girls thinking that it should last a good while.

But, after about 1-2 months of a friends with benefits relationship, they cut you off.

You reach out but they don’t respond. Just like that, without warning, the sexual relationship you had with them is over.

This has you so incredibly frustrated.

It’s not like you weren’t transparent with the type of relationship you were looking for when you filled out your bio on the dating site.

These girls are fully aware of what you are looking for and always tell you that they are looking for the same.

Yet, time and time again you are losing these friends with benefits after 1-2 months of seeing them, putting you right back at zero.

The truth is, this is not an unusual phenomenon.

It’s harder to keep a friends with benefits when you meet them on a dating app.

Dating apps are filled with people who are looking to hook up.

Most dating apps are occupied by men seeking out relationships with women.

Many of these men are looking to hook up.

When a girl on a dating app makes it known or insinuates that she is looking for a casual hookup, she is absolutely inundated with messages from men.

Women already receive a ton of messages from men on dating apps whether they are seeking serious relationships or hookups.

But the women in search of hookups receive a greater amount.

This is what you are competing against.

The girl is getting overwhelmed with offers for casual hookups from an endless number of matches on the dating app and although she isn’t interested nor attracted to the majority of them, it’s inevitable that a few of these men would ultimately appeal to her and make it through her filter.

In 1-2 months of having this girl as a friend with benefits, she has already received thousands of messages from men hoping to get her to go out with them and hook up.

She is picky.

She ignored most of them but someone cute finally caught her attention.

She matches with him.

He asks her out.

She accepts.

They hook up by the end of the date and she has a new friend with benefits.

You are old news and she moves on from you.

An attractive girl receives an abundance of messages from guys looking to hook up with her on a dating app.

Another cause of a short-lived friends with benefits relationship that lasts 1-2 months has to do with the sex.

It gets monotonous.

Keeping you as a friend with benefits when the two of you are doing the same thing every time you meet for sex, with a few variations, is like a chore.

A girl who is on a dating app looking for hookups normally has a rapacious sexual appetite.

Which means that she gets bored fairly quickly once the sex she is having with a particular guy becomes monotonous.