Online Dating: Do Girls Use Bikini Pictures To Weed Out The Thirsty Boys?

Online Dating: Do Girls Use Bikini Pictures To Weed Out The Thirsty Boys?

Coming off as one of those thirsty boys on a dating app isn’t what you want.

Whenever you see girls use bikini pictures in a dating profile, your mind goes into a mode of overthinking.

Of course you think the girl is attractive.

Though the temptation to like or comment on one of her bikini pictures is strong, you hesitate.

Knowing that girls on dating apps don’t like being regarded as a piece of meat, you are weary of falling into a trap.

This is where you are weeded out as a thirsty boy the moment you like or comment on a bikini picture, and get blocked by the girl as a consequence.

This unwanted outcome has you frozen whenever you see bikini pictures on a girl’s dating profile.

Do girls use bikini pictures to weed out the thirsty boys?

They don’t.

On the contrary, girls use bikini pictures to attract matches.

She knows exactly what she is doing.

In using bikini pictures, she increases the number of matches she gets, and keeps her dating profile at the top of a dating app’s matching algorithm.

Some of these bikini pictures are on her social media too.

Knowing how much adulation those bikini pictures get on her social media, she was inspired to use a few of them on her dating profile.

This means that she is attempting to mimic the success she has had with these bikini pictures on her social media, by using a few of them on her dating profile.

Her bikini pictures aren’t used to weed out thirsty boys.

They are used to attract matches.

This being said, it is a thirst trap for thirsty boys.

Not on purpose.

It’s just that thirsty boys can’t help themselves when they see girls in bikini pictures.

Instead of giving a respectful compliment or like, he sends comments that are lewd or explicit in nature.

This is what gets the girl to block him as a result.

In the end, it comes down to how a guy responds to her bikini pictures.

A guy who is respectful in complimenting or liking a bikini picture isn’t regarded as a thirsty boy.

Again, the purpose of using bikini pictures is to attract matches.

It wouldn’t make any sense for her to quickly block a guy who respectfully compliments or likes a bikini picture, when the entire purpose of using those bikini pictures was to get male attention in the first place.

Bearing this in mind, you don’t have to worry about whether you would be seen as a thirsty guy, if you were to comment on or like a bikini picture.

As long as you are respectful, you are in good standing with her.

She doesn’t weed you out.

It’s only when you take it too far, using her bikini pictures as a license to be too sexual or lewd in how you communicate with her, that you have to worry about getting weeded out.

Don’t get too caught up in how attractive she looks.

Rather, ask yourself about whether you realistically match up to her physically.

Too many guys on dating apps who aren’t in good physical shape wrongfully believe that they can get any girl they want on a dating app.

It’s a misguided notion that any girl on a dating app is desperate, and will do anything for a guy’s companionship.

This is wrong.

A guy who is out of shape and of average looks doesn’t attract very attractive women in real life.

Nor will he do so on dating apps.

Dating apps magnify this truth.

Keep this in mind as you consider whether to like or comment on a girl’s bikini picture.

If she is a girl that you would never attract in real life, it is even more unlikely that you will attract her on a dating app.

The attention she receives on a dating app is even more pronounced than what she gets in real life, given the sheer volume of guys using dating apps.

Should you choose to like or comment on a bikini picture, when you already know that you would never attract a girl this attractive in real life, you run the risk of getting rejected by her.

Should that happen, it had nothing to do with her thinking that you are thirsty, but everything to do with her believing that she is completely out of your league.