Online Dating: Why Do Some Guys Send Snaps, But Never Reply When I Text Back?

Online Dating: Why Do Some Guys Send Snaps, But Never Reply When I Text Back?

Some guys use snaps for an ego boost.

A way to get attention.

They send snaps to some girls but have no intention of replying if a girl was to reply back.

The reply is really all they are intent on receiving.

Knowing that she replied makes them feel desired and wanted.

It gives them an inflated sense of self.

They are able to use this ego boost to elevate their sense of self-esteem.

Some of these guys even have girlfriends.

There is a reason why they are using Snapchat.

They never have to worry about leaving a trail of evidence that their girlfriends find on some future date.

Snapchat deletes their snaps.

Why would some of these guys who already having girlfriends bother sending snaps to other girls that they have no intention of talking to?

Why even bother sending snaps to other girls online when they are already in a relationship and have no need to find someone to date?

Some guys get bored with their relationship.

They seek excitement.

They want to be reassured that they still have what it takes to attract someone else.

They can’t really take the risk of trying to talk to girls in real life.

That is way too obvious.

An easy way to get found out.

They are not about to jeopardize their relationships with their girlfriends in that way.

Sending snaps is the much safer solution.

They send the snap knowing that it deletes shortly.

They get the reply from the unsuspecting girl that boosts their ego and inflates their sense of self-esteem.

They take their girlfriend out to dinner that night and act as though nothing happened.

You shouldn’t take these guys seriously.

Even if they are cute.

Snapchat is notorious for attracting guys like this.

They are attention-seekers.

Recognition and acknowledgement is what they seek, nothing more.

For you, this is getting annoying and such a waste of your time.

These guys that just keep sending snaps and never reply to your text back are a buzz kill.

Watch for their tell-tale signs.

Guys like this never send snaps that have much substance.

They never ask you about anything profound.

Their snaps are empty calories, normally focused on merely sending a greeting and not much else.

If they send a snap that goes beyond some form of a greeting, they are either give you an empty compliment or are fishing for one.

Guys like this are very easy to spot.

They aren’t taking the time to get to know you by asking you a relevant question that references information that they gathered from your Snapchat profile or story.

This is a guy that you should ignore, no matter how hot he is.

You are frustrated with guys who send snaps and never reply back to your text.

Looking out for the tell-tale signs of a guy who is simply seeking attention and nothing more spares you a lot of frustration.

Although you are open to finding romance or even a hookup online, these guys aren’t compatible matches.

Focus on making your Snapchat stories as fun and dynamic as you are and a guy who is truly romantically interested in you won’t be able to resist sending you a proper snap one fateful day.