What Does It Mean When You Are Unmatched By Someone On An Online Dating App But They Continue To Talk To You Via Text?

What Does It Mean When You Are Unmatched By Someone On An Online Dating App But They Continue To Talk To You Via Text?

If you know that he is still using the online dating app, this unmatching didn’t occur from him choosing to delete his account.

With an active online dating profile, he unmatched you on purpose.

It’s befuddling.

Why unmatch you when you have both been chatting to each other for several hours a day on the online dating app and only recently transitioned to texting each other by phone?

When guys do this, they have reached their intended goal of transitioning conversation from the online dating app to texting by phone and believe that it is time to focus on communicating through that new medium.

They don’t want the both of you to continue chatting through the online dating app.

They want correspondence to be strictly relegated to the phone.

Unfortunately, if the guy still has an active online dating app, he intends to keep using it to find potential matches.

Unmatching you frees up his queue.

He is preparing for the next batch of matches that he is about to receive.

Unmatching not only unclutters his queue but it keeps the prying eyes of old matches away from watching what he is doing on his account.

He is clearly still keeping his options open.

The last few weeks of conversation with him on the online dating app has filled your mind with romantic expectations.

You have been solely focused on him.

He has been primarily focused on you, but with some reluctancy.

He was waiting for his opportunity to segue conversation from the online dating app to a phone.

This would give him the opportunity to finally unmatch you, opening his account up to new dating prospects.

He continues to talk to you via text.

You are still a relationship prospect that he thinks about meeting in real life at some point in time.

He hasn’t met you for that first date yet.

You are looking forward to it.

Both of you have even discussed it.

It isn’t guaranteed though.

As long as he remains active on the online dating app, he is intent on entertaining other potential dating prospects.

You are not the first girl he has unmatched from an online dating app soon after transitioning the conversation to texting by phone.

It doesn’t always work out.

A physical date hasn’t always followed.

Watch his energy level.

A guy’s energy level has been known to wane when they unmatch a dating prospect after seguing the conversation to texting by phone.

He becomes consumed with the new dating prospects that he is meeting on the online dating app.

His texting frequency suffers.

You notice that he isn’t as consistent in texting you as he was when the both of you were communicating on the online dating app.

The sooner he arranges a physical date with you, the better your chances of actually getting to meet him in life.

The longer he goes without officially asking you out, the higher the likelihood that the meeting won’t happen.

Be vigilant.

If you go for another week without being asked out by phone, his interest in you has waned and the likelihood of ever meeting him in real life is next to nonexistent.

A guy who is truly interested asks you out within that first week of chatting with you by phone.

A guy who goes beyond the first week without asking is putting you on the backburner as he continues to seek out better dating prospects on the online dating app.