Online Dating…Yay Or Nay?

Online Dating...Yay Or Nay?

You really need to know what you want.

An attitude that is very casual about online dating could lead you to detest your experience if you choose to say yay to online dating.

In order for you to ascertain whether you should say yay or nay to online dating, you need to ask yourself whether you are actually prepared to put yourself through this process.

Again, come to terms with what you really want.

Why are you thinking about online dating in the first place?

What has been going on in your personal life that has led you to this line of thinking?

What are you hoping to accomplish if you were to start online dating?

Finding out whether it is a yay or nay for you when it comes to online dating shouldn’t be something that is taken lightly.

For one, you simply shouldn’t come into online dating because it seems like the popular thing to do.

With all these online dating apps today, you may feel left out because so many of your friends are trying it and you haven’t.

None of that should impact your decision on whether you should say yay or nay to online dating.

The decision to say yay or nay to online dating should come from a place of understanding and analysis.

If you have been having success in meeting dates in the real world, there is a reason why those dates which may have turned into relationships didn’t last.

Ask yourself why they didn’t.

If you don’t do this kind of introspection and simply say yay to online dating and jump into it, you will face the exact same problems when you meet someone online.

Those problems won’t go away simply because you are meeting people online.

If you were to meet this person for a date in the real world and consequently get into a relationship with this person, you are eventually going to experience the same problems.

Hence, that relationship would be short-lived as well.

These are the kind of questions that you need to be asking yourself before saying yay or nay to online dating.

If you do this and you realize that there are issues within yourself that you need to work on, work on those first and get them resolved before saying yay or nay to online dating.

Another way to find out whether you should give online dating a yay or nay is by determining whether you are willing to put in the kind of effort required to make online dating work for you.

To this, you have to come into online dating with a very realistic understanding of what it is going to take.

Some people often say yay to online dating without thinking about this with real intention beforehand.

Avoid thinking that simply because online dating is so readily available on your fingertips thanks to so many online dating apps that you can merely say yay to online dating as a result.

Online dating in reality is not as easy as merely signing up for it on your smartphone.

If you choose to say yay to it, you should do so with the full understanding that you will have to put in the time and effort in order to be successful at it.