Online Dating: Is It Unreasonable To Insist That A Match Send Me A Clear Full Body Pic Before Meeting?

Online Dating: Is It Unreasonable To Insist That A Match Send Me A Clear Full Body Pic Before Meeting?

This wasn’t how your online dating odyssey began.

The thought of asking a match for a clear full body pic didn’t cross your mind for a second.

Whenever you were presented with a dating profile of a woman who was pretty enough, but had nothing but headshots in her dating profile, you took her at her word that she was of average size, as stated in her dating profile, and swiped right on her.

That was a mistake that you would live to regret.

Over and over and over again.

Every time you matched with these women, and subsequently met up in real life, they were overweight, and not by a little.

It has left you so bummed out.

There have been too many dates where you have met these women and felt a strong wave of disappointment upon seeing her in real life for the first time.

Her pictures were deceiving.

She either had a bunch of headshots or she was in photos where a full view of her body was obstructed by an animal, a piece of furniture or someone else in the frame.

After too many first dates like this, you realized that you have been ignorant all this time.

These photos are carefully orchestrated.

These are women who were purposely hiding their true size and it has left you deeply frustrated.

Now, you want to make a request of any of these women you come across in the future that she send you a clear full body pic before meeting.

It took a while for you to draw this conclusion, and to an extent, it has left you feeling a little bit like a jerk.

But this has gotten out of hand.

It’s not like you are looking for a size zero.

Nonetheless, the women you have been meeting have been way beyond any size you are alright with dating.

It’s not like you are asking for something you aren’t offering.

Your dating profile is full of clear full body pics of yourself.

No woman who meets you can ever complain that you didn’t appear as you presented yourself to be in your pics on a dating app.

The height you listed on your dating profile is true to your real life height.

So is your build.

You want to have that same transparency in the women you match with on dating apps.

I can tell that you are deeply frustrated with all this.

It isn’t unreasonable to insist that a match send you a clear full body pic before meeting.

However, this doesn’t solve your problem.

What’s to stop her from sending you a pic that is a few years old, taken when she was several pounds lighter in weight?

Yes, this happens too.

If you are trying to protect yourself from meeting women who are misrepresenting their weight on a dating app, the viable solution is to do a video chat with her before meeting.

This is how you get to see her in present day.

While video chatting, if you are having trouble making out her figure, ask her to give you a full view.

Yes, you might feel awkward in asking this question, but don’t be.

She is an adult, and is fully aware that attraction is a major quotient of relationships.

To be fully transparent, take a few steps back from the camera and give her a full view of you first.

Now it’s her turn.


If she refuses to do it, take that as a sign that she has misrepresented her weight on the dating app and you have thankfully dodged a bullet.

You have saved yourself from an in-person meeting where you are left disappointed in what you see.