Should I Text A Guy From A Dating Site?

Should I Text A Guy From A Dating Site?

Text this guy if you are intrigued by what he wrote in his dating profile and would like to learn more about him.

If you are worried about being the one to text him first, try not to let that stop you.

It is not unusual for a girl to text a guy first on a dating site.

Indeed, several girls do it.

They are not as stuck on the traditional perception of courtship on a dating site as they are in the real world.

If you are used to guys being the ones who approach you and initiate conversation with you in the real world, try not to let that keep you from texting a guy that you like on a dating site.

Guys are actually really receptive to girls who message them first.

Girls often have this erroneous viewpoint that a guy would think that she is desperate and too eager if she were to initiate an approach.

This is quite untrue.

Most guys would welcome a first text message from a girl on a dating site.

More girls are often willing to initiate a text to a guy that they like on a dating site because they are not as worried about rejection as they normally would be if they were to approach a guy in real life.

This is one of the many advantages that a dating site has.

It is more impersonal than a real life interaction with someone would be.

You are not in front of a live human being and trying to figure out what to say to them.

You are also not having to worry about how humiliating it would be to you if the person were to reject you in front of your friends or theirs.

This is why texting a guy first on a dating site is so much more different than it is to approaching a guy in real life.

This is an enormous advantage that girls have with using a dating site and you should take advantage of it.

If you are worried about what to text this guy on the dating site, use his dating profile as your guide.

One of the most effective first text messages to send a guy is one that relates to something that he wrote about with a lot of passion on his dating profile.

Take a look at his dating profile and find something on it that he wrote about with a lot of passion.

For example, he may have written passionately about a recent road trip that he went on.

You can use this as your guide to sending him the first text message.

You could say something like, “What was the best part of your road trip?”

This is a simple open-ended question that makes reference to something on his dating profile that he wrote about with a lot of passion.

This means that the moment he reads it, you will most likely make him feel good.

You will bring back happy memories to his mind about his road trip.

Putting him at a happy place in his mind is often a very good strategy.

By being happy, he will most likely also associate you with that feeling because you were the one who instigated it. Hence, he will have a much higher likelihood of responding to your text.

Start a text conversation with him in this way and let the conversation flow naturally to wherever it leads.