Some Online Dating Help Or Advice Based On My Crazy Experiences?

Some Online Dating Help Or Advice Based On My Crazy Experiences?

Having crazy experiences while online dating will often lead some people to seek out help or advice.

It is understandable that you are currently in this position.

However, do understand that some of your crazy experiences may have happened because you aren’t entirely sure of how to navigate the online dating world.

People have crazy experiences while online dating quite often due to this.

They may continue interacting with someone on an online dating site simply because they feel obligated to.

In other words, someone could strike up a conversation with you on an online dating site and you may feel compelled to respond to them.

You may not exactly want to or even be enjoying the interaction.

However, in order to be civil, you oblige and continue communicating with this person on the online dating website.

The problem with this kind of behavior is that you will end up empowering this person.

This person, who may be quite crazy in how they interact with people and in their communicative style, may literally hijack your time on the online dating site.

You now find yourself sinking further and further into conversation with this person day after day and really beginning to feel unhappy about it all.

However, that sense of social etiquette stays with you and you just continue to allow this interaction to continue.

You are not getting what you need out of this person but the person is getting what they need from you.

Indeed, there are people who may not even intend to find someone special online because they already know that they themselves have had issues with dating people and keeping relationships going in the real world.

Oftentimes, people like these will turn to online dating because they are hoping that they will find someone who will tolerate their crazy antics and even boost their egos in some way.

Being that you are a polite person, like most polite people, you may not want to come across as rude or insensitive whenever you are dealing with this person.

You just want that person to have a smooth time with you and you just don’t want to get into any uncomfortable arguments.

In other words, you just want to keep the peace. This isn’t abnormal.

If this is the kind of person that you have been in life, you would still exhibit the same kind of behavior when you are online dating.

After all, your persona doesn’t suddenly change simply because you are interacting with someone online.

Hence, you continue to allow this person with their crazy tendencies to take up a good chunk of your time online.

This is time that you could have spent talking to other people on the online dating site who would be a better match for you.

Do understand that you do not need to tolerate this type of behavior.

When you are having a crazy experience online that has made you uncomfortable, you should instantly take that as a sign that you need to disconnect from whoever is causing it.

This doesn’t make you a rude or inconsiderate person. If anything, it makes you wise.

It allows you to then focus your time and energy on people that you actually connect with on the online dating website.

If you continue to allow people like these to take advantage of your time, you may end up getting so frustrated with online dating that you quit it altogether.