Craziest Online Dating Experience Anyone?

Craziest Online Dating Experience Anyone?

These often occur when one party comes into online dating in a dishonest or uncertain way.

The person may not have a whole lot of social skills nor confidence as a person in the real world and they bring these shortcomings into online dating.

Hence, there have been crazy online dating experiences where a person may show up on a date but not look like what they represented in their online dating profile.

Oftentimes, this is a person who didn’t feel confident enough to put up either real photos of themselves on their online dating profile or they put up very old photos of a time when they were much younger or more attractive.

In other words, their are crazy experiences in online dating where a person who thought they were about to meet someone else of athletic or slim build is ultimately shocked when they get to meet this person and this person is way heavier in build or all out obese.

This does happen in online dating.

Again, oftentimes, the people who are this deceitful in online dating don’t have any social skills in dating in the real world and they also don’t feel very good about themselves.

In essence, they don’t believe that they can be appealing to anyone else.

There may have been a time when they were more physically appealing and had a healthier self-esteem but that was a while back.

They join the online dating site because they want to find someone and they want that person to like them.

However, they are so unhappy with their own lives and appearance that they are unable to allow other people who may find their online dating profile to get a real honest look at them.

Again, they are unhappy with their appearance.

Hence, they may upload deceiving photos to their online dating profiles that make them appear to be more attractive or physically in shape than they really are.

They then proceed to talk to people that they meet online under the pretense that they are who they have presented themselves to be.

When these people finally get to meet this person, they are shocked and disappointed that this person misrepresented themselves online.

This person on the other hand is hoping that somehow this individual will accept them even though they have misrepresented how they look online.

It is one of the craziest experiences to have when online dating to meet someone that totally misrepresented how they truly appear in real life, but it does happen.

This is why it is important to always ask whoever it is that you start communicating with online about whether their photos are recent.

Don’t be shy or self-conscious about doing this.

Even if whoever you ask this question still feels the need to lie to you, you can still do something else to ensure that you don’t end up being the one that is shocked by what you see when you meet this person in person.

As you interact with this person and take conversation off the online dating site to other means of communicating via phone or what have you, ensure that you do a video call with them.

This is where you actually get to talk to them live through video so that the both of you can see each other.

Oftentimes, if this person has been misrepresenting how they look online, they will be adamantly unwilling to do the video call or they will keep procrastinating.

This is how you are able to ascertain the kind of person you are dealing with and you can proceed to end communication withe this person at this point if you so choose.