Why Do So Many Dating Sites Claim To Be Free But Clearly Aren’t?

Why Do So Many Dating Sites Claim To Be Free But Clearly Aren't?

You are fed up with dating sites that claim to be free when they aren’t.

You have found yourself constantly being tricked into signing up on a dating site that claims to be free, only to discover that to get the most out of it, you need to pay.

It feels like a trap is laid out for guys like you to walk right into.

Words in bold like, “100% Free To Sign Up,” and, “Sign Up For Free,” have become the source of nightmares.

You are right in thinking that it does seem like these dating sites are free.

The word “Free” is constantly plastered everywhere when you land on these dating sites.

Using words like “Free” is done deliberately.

It lures guys like you into signing up on a dating site.

Wasn’t that what drew you in?

Imagine if they hadn’t used that word.

You wouldn’t have signed up.

The idea is to get you to sign up and hang around.

Normally, a number of dating sites let you browse dating profiles for free.

They hope that this makes you get so enamored with a few dating profiles, you want to message the girls behind them.

Once you attempt to message these girls, you are told that you have to pay to do so and are given a few options for payment.

There are few dating sites that let you send free interest signals to girls you are interested in.

The only problem is, you don’t have the capability of responding to these girls if you were to receive a response to your interest signal.

You have to pay for that option.

So, the idea is to lure in to the dating app by using the word “Free” multiple times.

Get you to sign up.

While there, there are a few free options they offer such as browsing through dating profiles or sending free interest signals.

But when it comes to back and forth messaging, you are out of luck.

Just about every dating app doesn’t permit free back and forth messaging.

You must pay to actively message back and forth with a dating prospect.

Remember that dating apps are a business.

They aren’t a charity.

Finding love online comes with a price.

They are banking on you wanting to chat with a girl you have seen on a dating app that has captured your attention.

They are hoping that in wanting to chat with this girl, you choose to pay for it, whether it be through coins, credits or a subscription.

That is the whole idea behind all this.

If you are looking for a completely free dating app, those do exist.

However, dating apps that are completely free come with a catch.

They are less regulated, so it is likely that you run into a whole lot of fake dating profiles.

Imagine finding endless dating profiles that belong to scammers in your quest to find love online?

Makes for a very poor dating app exploit.

Sometimes, it’s best to bite the bullet and pay to use a better dating app.

What’s a few dollars in payment compared to finding the love of your life?