Why Are “Taken” Girls On Dating Sites?

Why Are "Taken" Girls On Dating Sites?

These “taken” girls are seeking the kind of attention that they aren’t getting from their boyfriends.

They may have boyfriends that aren’t giving them much affection or attention in the real world.

Perhaps those boyfriends were initially attentive to them.

However, as their relationships have worn on, their boyfriends may have become increasingly less attentive to them.

They may have voiced this concern to their boyfriends.

Their boyfriends may have apologized and promised that they would do better.

Indeed, for a while, their boyfriends may have been more attentive and affectionate towards them.

However, their boyfriends soon retract back to not giving them much attention or affection.

These “taken” girls on dating sites may have experienced so much of this kind of behavior from their boyfriends that they eventually decide that they are going to join dating sites in order to get attention.

They have no real intention of leaving their boyfriends.

They are most likely emotionally invested in their boyfriends, even love them.

However, they do crave attention and acknowledgment.

They want to feel as though they are still desirable.

These were all things that their boyfriends were doing for them until they stopped.

Hence, these “taken” girls on dating sites decide to join dating sites so as to get those needs met.

When these “taken” girls join dating sites and get a lot of messages and interest signals and views on their dating profiles from guys, they feel a lot more appreciated.

They are able to use this feeling of reassurance that they get from guys on dating sites to help them feel better about themselves.

They get to bath in the attention that they so desperately need without having to step outside of their relationships and cheat with these guys.

In their minds, merely joining dating sites and getting attention from guys is not cheating.

As far as they are concerned, cheating is more of a physical act.

They aren’t doing anything physical with these guys that give them so much attention on dating sites.

As far as they are concerned, they are merely basking in all of the attention and maybe having a few harmless flirtatious exchanges with only a select few of those guys.

Another reason why there are “taken” girls on dating sites is because they may only be on the dating sites to get back at their current boyfriends.

They may have recently had a fight with their boyfriends or their relationships with their boyfriends may be on suspended status.

Perhaps their boyfriends told them that they just need some space at this time.

They may not have liked hearing this.

By getting on dating sites, these “taken” girls hope that they can send the message to their boyfriends that they shouldn’t take them for granted.

After all, look at all of the attention and messages that they are getting from guys on dating sites.

These “taken” girls are hoping to scare their boyfriends into becoming better boyfriends and jump-starting the relationship once again.

They may have no intention of meeting any of these guys that are giving them so much attention on dating sites.

They are merely using those guys to send a message to their boyfriends that if they do not shape up, they can easily be replaced.

They hope that their boyfriends get this message.

If they don’t, they may threaten their boyfriends that they just might accept the offer to meet up on a real life date with one of these guys from dating sites.

Again, this is done to scare the boyfriends into getting their relationships restarted.