If He Hasn’t Broken Up With Me, Why Is He Searching Dating Sites?

If He Hasn't Broken Up With Me, Why Is He Searching Dating Sites?

Even though he may not have broken up with you, he is curious as to what else is out there.

He may be searching dating sites in a quest to find a quality that he is looking for in a romantic partner that you do not have.

He does like other qualities about you, but there may be something missing.

He starts searching dating sites as he is curious about whether someone out there has that quality.

When he first started dating you, he may have believed that you had this quality.

He may have even seen traces of it in his early interactions with you.

However, it may have been a while now and he is yet to experience this quality from you in all of its entirety.

This may have made him become more doubtful that he will ever see this quality.

There are other qualities that you have that he may indeed like and appreciate.

However, he may still be waiting for you to show him that particular quality that he really appreciates and desires in a romantic mate.

Think back to some of the conversations that you have had with him.

If you notice a recurring theme in terms of what he tells you that he really likes in a romantic mate, this may be where the problem is coming from.

If you aren’t showing him that side of you, he may have gotten to the point where he is just curious as to whether someone else out there has that quality.

Being that there are other qualities about you that he likes, he isn’t looking to break up with you at this time.

He may be searching dating sites in order to see if there is someone else out there who truly has this quality.

If he were to find her, he may not even send her a message.

He may simply read her dating profile.

He may know that sending her a message would cross the boundary.

However, he may still take note of her and what dating site he found her on.

He may just revisit that dating profile at some point in the future.

He may not have broken up with you but is searching dating sites because he may be getting bored with his conversations with you.

He may even be getting bored with the activities as well.

He may have reached the point where his relationship with you has become too predictable.

He knows what kind of topics that you are going to want to talk about because you talk about them every time.

He knows where you are going to want to go and socialize on a Friday night because you want to go to those particular locations all the time.

He knows what family member you are not getting along with because you talk about that family member to him all the time.

In other words, your behavior has become entirely predictable.

A guy in a relationship can get bored with this kind of predictability.

Hence, he starts searching dating sites because he is looking for something to break the boredom.

He may be hoping that he gets to engage in conversation with a woman that gets him thrilled and is unpredictable in the topics that she brings up.

He may be hoping that he interacts with women that ask him more substantive questions than what time he is coming over during the weekend and whether he is okay with hanging out with mutual couples John and Emma for the umpteenth time.

He is in search of something new, unpredictable and exciting.

He may not have broken up with you even though he is searching dating sites because he likes the sense of security and comfort that he feels in knowing that you are there, even though you may be boring him.

However, he will take advantage of searching dating sites in the hopes that he can quell his boredom, at least for now.