Why Do Dating Sites Make You Pay Just To See If Someone’s Read Your Message?

Why Do Dating Sites Make You Pay Just To See If Someone's Read Your Message?

When a person reads your message, it lets you know that they were willing to take the time to do that.

Hence, it indicates that the person may have an interest in getting to know you.

Dating sites that make you pay just to see if someone’s read your message are aware that you may be particularly interested in this person.

Indeed, this may be the person that you have the most interest in irrespective of all the other dating profiles that you have come across.

In sending this person a message, you have shown an interest in interacting with this person.

By putting out the effort and time to construct a message for this particular person, you are demonstrating that something about this person has truly caught your attention.

You are curious about what this person would think about you after having read your message and taken a look at your dating profile.

You are hoping that the person will show an interest in you as well and hopefully start chatting with you.

If you like this person enough, you are going to be incredibly curious about whether this person read the message that you took the time to construct and send.

Again, this is especially true if this person has captured your attention to an extent that no other dating profile has.

Many dating sites know that when a person is really interested in someone else and takes the time to construct a message to them, they are going to be intent on knowing how the person of interest feels about them.

Hence, they will want to know whether this person has read their message.

Making you pay to see if this person of interest has read your message tends to make business sense for these dating sites.

They are familiar with human behavior thanks to their algorithms.

They know that as a regular human being, your curiosity will often make you eager to find out if this person likes you as well in the hopes that a romantic connection can be forged.

This kind of desire may prompt you to pay just to see if this person read your message because you really want to know whether they would be interested in you.

You reach a point where you almost just can’t help yourself but pay for this service even though you may have initially been unwilling to.

You may have revisited this person’s dating profile multiple times over the course of the last few days or weeks.

The more you have reread it, the more of a romantic connection you have experienced.

On top of that, you may have even noticed that the person is often active online.

You keep asking yourself about whether they have noticed the message that you sent to them a number of days ago.

You worry that as more time elapses, whatever window of opportunity to connect with this person romantically closes further as competition for her attention from other men grows fierce.

You are worried that you are about to allow a romantic opportunity to slip away.

Out of that sense of desperation, you decide to pay for the privilege of seeing whether this person read your message.

Dating sites are businesses.

Whether you agree with this tactic or not, dating sites exist to make money first and foremost.

Making you pay just to see if someone’s read your message is a way for them to do just that.