Why Do Guys Get Abusive If You Don’t Reply On Dating Sites?

Why Do Guys Get Abusive If You Don't Reply On Dating Sites?

These are guys who feel that it was rude of you not to reply to their message.

Being that they took the time to send you a message, they may get upset that you didn’t afford them the time in replying.

Hence, they get abusive because they feel that you are disrespecting them by not replying to their message.

Oftentimes, the guys who get abusive like this on dating sites when they don’t get a reply are the ones who have become incredibly frustrated with other girls who haven’t replied to them either.

They may not have had this kind of abusive reaction at the very beginning of their online dating experience on dating sites.

When they sent their first few messages and didn’t get a reply, they may have let it go.

They may have simply told themselves that they will just send more messages.

After all, it’s a dating site, they are bound to eventually get replies.

However, as time wore on and they sent more messages that didn’t get replies on dating sites, they began to feel a strong sense of frustration.

Unfortunately, they may have lost their patience when they sent you a message and you didn’t reply.

They finally completely lost it.

Due to a lack of replies to what may be dozens of messages that they have already sent to other women, they need someone to lash out against.

Your number happened to be up.

They get abusive to you because you are the next girl in a line of numerous girls who chose not to reply to their message.

They basically take out their abusive frustration on you.

Guys get abusive if you don’t reply on dating sites because they may feel as though you are deliberately choosing not to reply because you think that you are better than them.

Again, just like the previous scenario, this may have a lot to do with their history as well.

They may have encountered girls in the real world who acted like they were better than them.

They may have gotten rejected by these kind of girls over and over again in the real world.

This pattern of failure with girls in the real world may have been the reason why they decided to join dating sites in the first place.

They may have hoped that their luck with girls would change on dating sites.

Perhaps the girls on dating sites would finally see their value and give them a chance.

They proceed to send you a message and you choose not to reply.

Instantly, these guys may start getting flashbacks to what it was like in the real world when they would get rejected by all those girls.

In not replying to their message, you may have just triggered some of those negative thoughts.

They choose to get abusive with you.

They choose to do this because they actually can now.

In the real world, they may have never had the courage to be abusive to a girl who rejected them to her face.

They may have taken rejection after rejection without any means of letting out their disenchantment.

All of that negativity built up within them over time.

Now they choose to get on dating sites in order to change their luck and they experience yet another rejection in you.

Now, they just let loose.

It is easier for them to get abusive with you on dating sites because they don’t have to see you face to face.

They are more emboldened on dating sites.

They are able to do something that they would have never had the courage to do in real life.

After getting abusive with you for not replying to their message, they feel a sense of satisfaction.

It is like they have released all that pent-up disenchantment.

Unfortunately, you happen to be the person that they were finally able to do this with.