Why Do People On Dating Sites Become So Clingy When You Start Sending Messages To Each Other?

Why Do People On Dating Sites Become So Clingy When You Start Sending Messages To Each Other?

These are clingy people in real life.

They are often clingy when they engage with people in the real world that they are romantically interested.

They will be the same on dating sites.

To some extent, their clinginess on dating sites may be magnified because of the sheer volume of messages that people receive on dating sites, especially women.

Hence, they will worry that you may be getting messages from other people on dating sites and that attending to those messages may lead you to forget about them.

Hence, if there has been a little gap in getting a response from you, they may start getting really worried.

Again, this may be the person that they are in real life.

This may be how they have always behaved in their real life relationships.

However, this behavior intensifies on dating sites.

The fear of losing your attention to someone else that may be sending you messages on dating sites may get them so worried that they proceed to send you another message without having gotten a response to their last.

They want to get and keep your attention.

There is a good chance that when they become so clingy, they are aware of it.

They may have had romantic partners in the real world who told them about how clingy they are.

In fact, their clinginess may have led to the end of some of those real life relationships.

However, they simply cannot help themselves.

They are too insecure when it comes to getting the attention of someone that they are romantically interested in.

Thereby, they go ahead and become clingy anyway and process to send you those extra messages.

People on dating sites become so clingy when you start sending messages to each other because they forget that people on dating sites also have active lives outside of dating sites.

A lot of these people who become so clingy on dating sites may be people who don’t get out of their homes much.

They may spend most of their time at home or on their own.

They may have very few relationships with people in the outside world, if any.

Hence, they may spend a lot of time online.

Whether it be on gaming sites, entertainment sites, social media sites, dating sites, etc.

The majority of their free time is spent online.

Being that their lives are practically spent online, they get this mindset that this must be how it is for everyone that they encounter online.

Hence, a person like yourself who may have a lot of obligations and relationships outside of dating sites would seem alien to them.

Being that you actually have a life outside of dating sites, you cannot always respond to their messages quickly.

You also won’t always want to stay online for hours on end talking to them.

Being that these people spend the majority of their time online, the majority of the people that they communicate with are going to be online.

Hence, they are always quick to respond to messages from people online and can chat for hours upon hours online.

This is the norm to them.

They become so clingy when you start sending messages to each other on dating sites because they get uneasy when you can’t get back to their message soon enough or you end conversations because you have a life outside of dating sites that you need to attend to.

If it were left to them, they would rather you be available online almost all the time, just like they are.