Online Dating: Do You Dial Down The Texts After Exchanging Numbers And Setting Up A First Date?

Online Dating: Do You Dial Down The Texts After Exchanging Numbers And Setting Up A First Date?

Unfortunately, a lot of guys make this mistake.

They exchange numbers and set up a first date with a girl they met on a dating app.

Then proceed to dial down the texting.

The regular exchange of text messaging that was occurring before setting up a first date reduces drastically or stops entirely.

The guy has locked in a date, so he doesn’t feel the need to keep exchanging text messages as he once did.

He is looking forward to the date and believes that it is best to send fewer text messages or wait until the date to engage in any further discussion.

Dialing down the texting after exchanging numbers and setting up a first date makes the girl feel like you aren’t all that interested in her.

Being that you met her on a dating app, she starts worrying that you are spending the time you should be text messaging her, setting up additional dates with other girls you are meeting on the dating app.

When you suddenly dial down the texting, you lose a lot of momentum with her.

She was getting to know you and you her. Now, everything has stopped or come to a crawl.

The last conversation you had with her was days ago and you haven’t followed up on it.

It just feels unnatural to her to go from regular text messaging to nothing at all or barely anything, until the day of the date.

During this time, she is also receiving messages from other guys on the dating app who are interested in her.

You are not her sole admirer.

She is going to be increasingly tempted to entertain these messages and respond to them when she hasn’t received a text message from you in days.

Should she choose to respond to these men, it won’t take long before she is intrigued, and her interest for you is lost.

When you dial down the texts after exchanging numbers and setting up a first date, you have her thinking that this was all you wanted all along and you don’t really care to get to know her.

This creates a lot of doubt in her mind about your intentions.

As each day goes by without a text message from you, the doubt grows stronger and her mind goes off on a negative tangent.

She thinks that you are probably hoping to sleep with her and nothing more.

She thinks that you might even be brazen enough to try to sleep with her on the first date.

This worries her, and now, she is thinking about how to get out of the date.

Each day of your absence, leaves her to her own devices.

Her negative thinking gets worse and worse.

Finally, she decides that meeting you on the date isn’t worth the risk.

By the time you text her to confirm the date, she has already concocted an excuse not to go to it.

She is worried that all you care about is hooking up and she doesn’t want to be a victim to it.