Why Would A Guy Have Multiple Dating Profiles On One Dating App?

Why Would A Guy Have Multiple Dating Profiles On One Dating App?

As you perused potential matches, you were surprised to encounter the same guy on the same dating app with multiple dating profiles.

He uses the same profile pictures and bio, but different names and ages.

This left you curious as to why he would do this.

Multiple dating profiles on one dating app isn’t uncommon.

The most popular reason for this is that of scamming.

This is a scammer with multiple fake accounts.

Scammers online steal photos from innocent people and use them on dating apps to attract victims.

Victims they are hoping to take advantage of financially.

The scammer is using the same bio and pictures but changing the name and ages to attract a wide berth of people.

Not everyone is going to run into every single dating profile these scammers have up with this guy’s face and bio.

In having multiple dating profiles, the scammer knows that he has the best odds of getting as many people as possible to be fooled.

An typical woman looking for a partner on a dating app doesn’t realize that the dating profile of this handsome guy she has come across is one of many fake dating profiles.

Ergo, she matches with him in the hopes of romance, completely oblivious to the reality that she has swiped right on a scammer.

Once she swipes right on the scammer’s dating profile, he proceeds to use a series of scripted words and phrases to gradually deceive the woman into thinking that he is a genuine match.

The goal is to get her to trust him.

Once he has her trust, he switches to taking advantage of her financially with a myriad of techniques.

Unfortunately, online dating fraud is a robust criminal industry.

With the increasing popularity of online dating as one of the primary means in which people with romantic intentions are meeting, this criminal industry has grown.

Thankfully, you spotted multiple dating profiles of this scammer.

Do yourself and the rest of the people on the dating app a favor by reporting this dating profile to the app.

Any reputed dating app is going to ban those fake accounts.

Besides the scammer who is looking to take advantage of innocent patrons financially, there are instances where a man uses multiple dating profiles to increase his odds of getting matches.

He is hoping to get women to match with him in greater numbers.

This is deceitful in and of itself.

He is using different names and ages on each dating profile to widen his pool of potential matches.

This alone means he isn’t trustworthy.

He is already deceiving people on a dating app before he has so much as exchanged a word with them.

This behavior speaks to who he is as a person.

Having a conversation with him is akin to walking through a minefield.

You don’t know where the mines are beneath the ground.

When is he telling the truth and when is he lying?

Why put yourself through this?

A successful romantic relationship is built on trust.

When a man is already being deceitful on a dating app before any words have been exchanged, he is demonstrating that he is a liar through and through.

It doesn’t matter how handsome he is, a liar is nothing but trouble.

It isn’t wise to swipe right on a man like this.