Matched With A High School Crush On A Dating App

Matched With A High School Crush On A Dating App

You remember him from high school but it’s not like you two were friends or acquainted.

Now that he has matched with you on a dating app, you don’t know what to expect.

You like that you are familiar with him.

That is different from what you have experienced so far.

It’s nice seeing a familiar, friendly face and matching with him.

It has triggered your brain into thinking about your high school days.

You had a crush on him but he never did anything about it.

There were numerous moments where you hoped he would talk to you or acknowledge you.

On occasion, you thought he looked in your direction.

You remember how that felt.

You went to bed that night giddy, dreaming of a life with your crush, wondering about how he would follow that up.

He didn’t.

The next day, he ignored you without so much as a look in your direction.

You had more days like this than you like to count.

Alas, high school concluded and your high school crush never made a decisive move on you.

You moved on.

Going through the ups and downs of romance and hookups in your late teens and early twenties.

There were a few relationships you thought were headed towards long-term happiness.

But, just like the disappointment of your high school romances, those relationships inevitably came to an end, crushing any hopes of long-term bliss.

That led you to a dating app.

Unfortunately, your plight on a dating app wasn’t all that great either.

You were receiving matches, but conversations with these matches were fizzling out, and too many of them canceled dates on you.

You were wondering whether dating apps were worth it.

All of a sudden, you receive a like from your high school crush.

You hadn’t thought about him in years.

Instantly, the memories were triggered.

You remembered how giddy he made you feel back in high school whenever you thought he had looked at you.

Thoughts of the day dreams you had about him and how often you talked to your friends about him came flooding into your mind.

Those thoughts were making you giddy again.

Nostalgia was kicking in.

You hadn’t felt like this since high school.

It’s like you are back in high school again.

You are feeling the same unadulterated joy about romance that comes with the innocence of youth.

That innocent high school romantic bliss.

That left you feeling impossibly good.

You had forgotten what that was like.

This was when you decided to match with him, excited, ready to go back into the joys of unadulterated excitement triggered by innocent love.

Since then you have been waiting on his response.

You must be careful that you don’t let your high school nostalgia get the best of you.

You two are no longer in high school.

Though he liked you on a dating app, you don’t know who you are dealing with.

What has happened in his life since high school?

Is he that handsome pleasant guy you remember?

You don’t know.

So be cautious.

If he responds to the match, talk to him as you would someone you are just getting to know.

Not as someone you were familiar with in high school.

This keeps you from letting your mind misguide you into thinking he is someone he is not.

Let him show you who he is today.

That is when you know who you are dealing with.

Based on that, you will know whether you two are compatible.