Guys, When Dating Online, Would You Rather A Girl Directly Tell You That She Is Not Interested Or That She Ghost You?

Guys, When Dating Online, Would You Rather A Girl Directly Tell You That She Is Not Interested Or That She Ghost You?

Most guys who are dating online would much rather the girl directly tell them that she is not interested than get ghosted by the girl.

Guys often want to feel a sense of acknowledgment that their message is being responded to.

Even though, they would rather not receive a rejection, it is way worse for them when the girl completely ghosts them.

It makes them feel even more insignificant.

In essence, it feels like a major kick in the you know what.

They took the time to send the girl a message and she simply ghosted them.

Guys who are dating online will often feel gutted by this.

Again, though they are not hoping for a rejection, they would rather the girl tell them directly that she isn’t interested than to ghost them.

The rejection may sting but it doesn’t typically last that long.

Whereas, if the girl were to ghost them, they would probably be thinking about why the girl did that for days, perhaps even weeks.

They will often ask themselves about what they would have done if they were in the girl’s position.

They would quickly surmise that they would have had the decency to respond to the girl’s message and let her know that they weren’t interested in her.

These guys would actually put themselves in your position and surmise that they would have done the exact opposite of what you just did in ghosting them.

Oftentimes, this gets them even more upset.

Many guys who use online dating sites are realistic about their chances of easily landing a girl that they like.

They know what it is like to go after girls that they like in the real world and the challenges that come with that.

Bearing that in mind, they know that the likelihood that they will get rejected by girls on online dating sites is strong.

Hence, a lot of guys who date online will often send a lot of messages to women on dating sites.

They know that they have to play the numbers if they are to have any chance of getting a girl that they like to respond to them.

This is a lot of work for guys.

Taking the time to construct a unique message to each and every girl that they are interested in on online dating sites is time-consuming work.

They already know that the odds are against them in terms of getting responses to the majority of their messages but they are hoping that they get responses to some.

When they send a message to a girl and she chooses to ghost them, it takes the air out of them.

Again, it feels like a kick in the you know where.

The way they look at it, they took the time to write all these unique messages to several women on the dating site and those women chose to ghost them without so much as a thank you.

This is why many guys would rather still get that message from you directly telling them that you aren’t interested as opposed to being ghosted.

That direct message from you let’s them know that you at least took the time to read their message.

That direct message from you is an acknowledgment of their existence and thereby their humanity.

It may not seem like much to you to simply ignore the many messages that you receive from guys, but to many of those guys who spent a good chunk of their day sending unique and well-thought-out messages to girls, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

Now, whether you choose to respond to guys that are dating online is your choice.

You are not obligated to do so.

Indeed, there are some guys that you respond to and directly tell that you aren’t interested who may take offense to that and send you a mean response.

These kind of guys are in the minority, but they do exist.

Hence, what you choose to do is up to you and what you believe your conscience can handle.