Should I Be Worried That The Guy That I’m Dating Online Doesn’t Want To Video Chat?

Should I Be Worried That The Guy That I'm Dating Online Doesn't Want To Video Chat?

First try to determine what kind of personality he is.

In other words, what is the impression that you have gotten about his personality since the both of you started dating online?

If you have noticed that he is more of a shy guy, there is a chance that he may not want to video chat because he is not confident enough in himself to do so.

Shy guys are often very self-conscious about their behavior.

Being that you have already seen his dating profile, he knows that you find him attractive enough to want to date him online.

However, if he is a shy guy, he may worry that he won’t be able to keep a conversation interesting with you during a video chat.

It may be easier for him to keep a conversation interesting online because he isn’t under pressure or that much scrutiny.

In other words, when he is communicating with you online, he doesn’t have the added pressure of you staring at him and expecting him to come up with interesting responses, as he would have on video chat.

Communicating with you online and through text may feel a lot more comfortable to him.

Now, this being said, it is still imperative that you don’t allow yourself to continue communicating with someone who doesn’t want to video chat with you.

No matter how much you like this guy, you still have to protect yourself and your time.

The last thing you want is to find yourself dealing with someone who is either misrepresenting themselves online or who never had any intention of taking online dating seriously.

The fact that you are worried right now may be because you already have this fear.

So, you absolutely need to protect yourself.

One of the best ways to get the guy that you have been dating online to do a video chat with you is to simply be honest with him.

Tell him that being that the both of you are dating online, you want the both of you to be honest and transparent with each other.

Let him know that being honest and transparent is the basis for any long-lasting relationship.

You want him to video chat with you so that the both of you can continue this online relationship with a sense of purpose and trust.

This is the approach that you should use when asking this guy that you are dating online to video chat with you.

If you have gotten the feeling that he is a shy guy, you can entice him even more by telling him that the both of you don’t have to talk for long.

All you want to do is be honest about who and what you are and you hope that he is willing to do the same.

This is enough to convince just about anyone that you are dating online, whether they be shy or not, to do a video chat with you.

If you use this method of asking him to video chat and he still refuses, it is best that you stop talking to him altogether.

You are worried that the guy that you are dating online doesn’t want to video chat for a reason.

The possibility that this guy may actually not be representing himself in an honest way online is certainly not unthinkable.

There are people who catfish others on online dating sites.

By catfishing, they are pretending to be someone that they are not.

Other people may have misleading pictures on their online dating profiles that misrepresent how they truly look like in present day.

These are all occurrences that have happened in online dating and thereby shouldn’t be ignored.

The sooner this guy does a video chat with you, the better.

Try not to accept any further excuses from him.

If a guy truly values the relationship that he has with a girl, he will do everything in his power to maintain it.

If it is that easy for him to take the risk of losing a girl that he is dating online because he doesn’t want to show his face on camera for a few minutes via a video chat, he is not a guy you should spend any more time dating online.