Guys Who Game But Keep It Off Their Dating Profile?

Guys Who Game But Keep It Off Their Dating Profile?

These are guys who have had one too many occurrences of meeting women on dating apps who weren’t interested in talking to guys that game.

Some of these women are brazen enough to mention that in their dating profiles.

As a guy who games, you have found it somewhat puzzling that this many women are against chatting with men who game.

You get it.

No woman wants to have to grapple with a boyfriend who can’t seem to put his game console down and pay attention to her or take her out.

But that isn’t you.

You game, but you aren’t an addict.

You do it for fun, much like people watch movies for fun or read a book.

Gaming isn’t at the center of your life.

It is purely one of many pastimes you have.

Yet, you have observed that women on dating apps aren’t as convinced.

Whenever you have listed “gaming” as a pastime in your dating profile, you have received fewer matches.

It took a while for you to get this.

Until you consistently came across dating profiles with women who were blatantly stating that they didn’t want to be matched with guys who game.

It wasn’t long after that you decided to take that bit of information off your dating profile.

Like magic, you began to receive more matches from women.

This is where you are today.

You have removed gaming as a pastime from your dating profile.

Although you have done this and have seen an increase in matches from women, you are worried about what a future dating prospect does when you bring her back to your home and she sees your game console.

Someday, this is bound to happen if you strike it off with a girl.

She is coming back to your place and will see your game console.

What does she do then?

Does she look at your game console with ire in her face, do an about-face and leave your place immediately?

Does she act as though she didn’t see it but you realize that she is struggling to settle in, her eyes constantly darting back to that game console, as you are throwing on the charm and hoping to get lucky?

You don’t know, but you do worry about it.

You don’t want to build a good amount of rapport with a girl, go on multiple dates with her, only to have her judge you harshly for seeing that you have a game console at your place.

Your fears are misplaced.

It isn’t that girls have something against gamers, it’s that they are fearful that gaming is an obsession to him.

Such an obsession, he doesn’t want to give her his attention or take her out.

As long as you have a healthy approach to gaming, having it as one of several healthy pastimes you participate in, you are fine.

Yes, it’s a good idea not to include it in your dating profile.

Unless you are a world famous professional gamer, women don’t care to see gaming as something you love doing.

Yes, it triggers bad memories in them.

Memories that involved dating a guy in her past who was a gamer and ended up being addicted to it.

With such a negative encounter, she unfairly judges every dating profile that includes gaming as a pastime.

It’s alright to omit that from your dating profile.

That being said, as long as you have a healthy balance of pastimes in your life, a girl won’t lose her mind in seeing a game console at your place.

Just don’t ask her to play a game with you.