He Used Old Photos On His Dating Profile?

He Used Old Photos On His Dating Profile?

Few things hurt more than taking the time to get to know a guy you met on a dating app, finding him attractive, based on his photos, and later learn that he was using old photos.

In fact, he is severely overweight in present day, which is a far cry from what he looks like in the old photos he has posted in his dating profile.

This has left you totally unhappy.

You were getting along so well with him and thought that he checked so many boxes that matter to you in what you are looking for in a partner.

Now that you know he is severely overweight in present day, it feels like everything you were looking forward to with him has gone up in smoke.

He has asked you on a date and you are wrestling with what to do.

Do you go, even though you are now aware that he looks nothing like the old photos he has posted on his dating app?

Do you end it altogether with him and move on?

On the one hand, you want to end it altogether and move on, which saves you from having to go on a date with him too.

But, you do feel bad and still yearn for what you thought this could have been.

The disappointment you feel is warranted.

You were misled into thinking he looked a certain way when he didn’t.

It’s hard to grapple with that.

Nonetheless, don’t make the mistake of putting this on yourself.

He is the one who misled you.

He chose to use old photos of himself from his fitter days.

In doing this, he made a conscious decision to deceive you and anyone else that was attracted to his dating profile.

It’s not your fault that you have found out that he has been using old photos and presently doesn’t look anything close to what he used to look like.

Regardless of how good your conversations were with him, they were based on the premise that you were physically attracted to him.

This was a premise he falsely cheated you into believing by posting old photos of himself.

He misled you.

That being the case, you don’t owe him anything.

You don’t owe him a date.

You don’t owe him another conversation.

He misled you into thinking that he was fitter, which has now led to you wasting your time and energy talking to him for the last several days or weeks.

You aren’t physically attracted to him any longer.

This is open and shut.

So many women make the mistake of thinking that somehow they can overcome the hump of not being physically attracted to a guy.

They often fail.

There is nothing wrong with wanting physical attraction.

This is what separates our romantic relationships from our platonic ones.

No need to go on with this guy, pretending that somehow it doesn’t matter that he is severely overweight.

It does.

You have lost your physical attraction for him and to this end, you are better off disengaging with him and cutting him off.

Don’t feel guilty.

He is the one who deceived you.

Don’t forget that.