Online Dating: We Have A Date On Wednesday, But Now He Isn’t Communicating Much?

Online Dating: We Have A Date On Wednesday, But Now He Isn't Communicating Much?

Countless guys on dating apps have a habit of reducing communication once they have gotten a girl to agree to meet them on a date.

His immediate goal of getting a girl to agree to a date has been accomplished.

Putting a girl on a bit of a back burner until the day of the date arrives seems like the right thing for him to do.

There is a date set for Wednesday and as far as he is concerned, he doesn’t have to keep communicating with you as frequently and substantively as he was doing before you agreed to the date.

There are a few reasons why guys on dating apps do this.

For one, he wants to refocus his efforts on talking to other girls on the app, hoping to get a few of them to agree to meeting him on dates he sets up into the foreseeable future.

There are those who worry about running out of stuff to talk about in having too much communication before the date.

He wants that date on Wednesday to go as smoothly as possible.

Were he to communicate with you in-between, there is the fear that you two are destined to be sitting across from each other at the date, staring, with several awkward silences throughout.

Other guys have the notion that communicating with a girl too much between now and the day of the date, has a stench of desperation and over-eagerness.

In cutting back on the communication, he believes that he is leaving an air of mystery about him, having you intrigued as you hungrily anticipate getting further insight into who he is as a person on the forthcoming date.

Whatever reason it is, it’s a boneheaded approach to courtship.

Too many guys do this, leaving the girl completely confused as to why she has suddenly stopped hearing from him as often as she had been, or at all.

Now you have a conundrum.

Although you were looking forward to this date on Wednesday, the absence of communication since you agreed to the date has left you not as enthused about meeting him as you once were.

You wonder whether the date is even going to happen and if it does, whether you should go to it?

A guy who took the time to talk to you on several occasions beforehand, culminating in him asking you out on a date, has a high likelihood of making the date.

On occasion, he finds a better date from the dating app and ghosts on a date set with a different girl that was done beforehand.

But those occasions are rare.

Normally, even when he finds a better date, he tries to fit her into a schedule, so as not to have the date overlap with one he already has planned.

Even though you don’t hear a lick from him after you have agreed to the date, you ultimately will on the day of or the day before the date.

With this in mind, you don’t have to worry too much about whether the date on Wednesday is going to happen.

What you should be more concerned about is whether you should go.

You should.

Many guys are misguided into thinking that once they have set up a date, they need not communicate as much, for some of the reasons aforementioned.

Being that this is your very first date with him, you can forgive that ridiculous concept for now.

However, should the first date go well and you are anticipating a second date from him, he must communicate with you on a frequent basis in-between those dates.

Should he continue to set up dates with you and barely communicate in-between, you now have good reason to ditch him.

By this stage, there is no excuse to keep behaving in this way, unless he is only looking at you as one of many girls he is lining up to go on dates with, solely intending to hook up with you and said girls, and nothing more.