How Authentic Are People On Dating Sites?

How Authentic Are People On Dating Sites?

Dating sites are filled with all sorts of people.

Authenticity varies.

Some people are authentic to a fault.

Some people embellish.

And some, omit.

Those who omit information are playing it both ways.

They think that omitting information keeps them from misrepresenting or misinforming, but the omission itself is a form of deception.

This takes points off their authenticity.

When it comes to dating sites, everyone wants to put their best foot forward.

With this in mind, most people fall somewhere in the middle of authenticity.

There is a degree of omission and embellishment, but overall, people are as authentic or inauthentic as their conscience allows.

When you get too caught up with authenticity on dating sites, you might become too critical or suspicious of everyone.

This works against you.

You have to come to terms with the reality that the majority of people on dating sites want to find their best possible match, and to this effect, they aren’t going to be hundred percent authentic with what they post on their dating profiles or how they behave.

Men embellish their height, giving themselves a few extra inches that don’t exist.

Women embellish their weight, shaving off a few extra pounds from their actual weight.

These are just a few examples.

Inauthenticity is bound to happen on dating sites.

This is why the better approach is to meet up with your matches sooner rather than later.

Meeting in person fairly quickly gives you a real life first-hand account of what your match looks like and what their character is like.

Many people make the mistake of spending way too long texting each other on dating apps or talking on the phone without meeting sooner.

This leads to immense disappointment when they meet up and one party realizes that they have been lied to.

Their match isn’t as tall, fit, or gregarious, as they presented themselves to be on the dating app.

After several weeks or months of chatting, the disappointment in discovering this inauthenticity is hard to bear.

You don’t want this to be you.

Your best bet is to have the right strategy.

Avoid getting too caught up on whether someone is being authentic or not on a dating site.

Again, all this does is make you speculate and be suspicious of everyone, which hampers good communication.

Instead, make it a habit to meet up with people that you connect with on dating sites fairly quickly.

You don’t need to exchange text messages for weeks with someone before asking them to meet up.

A few text exchanges over a few days to a week is enough.

The sooner you meet up with these people in an in-person setting, the sooner you have agency to deduce their authenticity.

It’s very hard for a match to hide the fact that they are 50lbs heavier than what they look like in their dating profile photos, when they are standing right there in front of you.

The same applies with their character.

A match who has been falsely portraying their character as one thing on a dating app is going to find it extremely difficult to maintain that in real life dates.

You will see right through it.