Online Dating: Lots Of Likes And Then Dead?

Online Dating: Lots Of Likes And Then Dead?

A new dating profile normally receives significant attention from a dating app’s algorithm.

Your dating profile is receiving lots of likes at this stage.

It feels good.

You are receiving attention and the future looks promising.

Then, one day, you check your account and your likes have almost come to a complete stop.

It’s dead.

A far cry from how it was in the beginning.

This is normal on dating apps.

New subscribers falsely believe that the likes gravy train is a permanent staple.

It isn’t.

They do evaporate, leaving the new subscriber baffled.

Depending on their dating app of choice, the likes go dry somewhere between the first few days to the first week.

This is especially true for men on dating apps.

Women are fortunate.

They don’t struggle with this issue anywhere near as much as men do on dating apps.

You are receiving lots of likes in the beginning because your dating profile is fresh and new.

The dating app wants you to be encouraged to stick around.

It doesn’t take long before the likes dramatically drop though.

Although it is dead now, don’t let this discourage you.

A new dating profile always receives a lot of likes in the first few days of its launch.

Instead of dwelling on the drastic reduction of likes, think about how you are going to go about making the algorithm favor your dating profile for the long term.

The algorithm responds to dating profiles that are constantly updated.

Update your dating profile with new information and photos every few days.

Whenever you do this, you force the dating app’s algorithm to return to your dating profile to look at what you have updated.

Algorithms love fresh content.

When you develop the habit of updating your dating profile every few days, the algorithm favors your dating profile because it likes to be fed with new information.

A dating profile that is static, with infrequent updates, if any, doesn’t excite an algorithm.

These dating profiles go on the back burner, rarely receiving matches.

By keeping your dating profile constantly updated, you keep the algorithm coming back to your dating profile, which then makes it promote your dating profile to the masses.

Consider the keywords you are using on your dating profile.

Pay attention to particular keywords you see repeatedly mentioned on dating profiles that interest you.

These are keywords used to describe interests, hobbies, values, outlooks, etc.

These are popular keywords that resonate with them.

If those keywords resonate with you too, include them in your dating profile.

The algorithm seeks out dating profiles with similar themes and phrases, believing them to be a match.

When your dating profile specifically uses the words that are constantly mentioned in the dating profiles of people who interest you, you are going to be found by the algorithm and matched with dating profiles that have similar words.

This increases the number of likes you are getting, which then improves your chances of getting dates.

Keywords are powerful.

Using the exact keywords that other dating profiles of interest are using, compels the algorithm to favor you.