How To Find A Boyfriend As A Disabled Person On Dating Sites?

How To Find A Boyfriend As A Disabled Person On Dating Sites?

It has been challenging for you so far.

As a disabled woman, you have gone on dating sites without much luck in attracting men, or at least, the men you want.

When you go through something like this, it’s natural to point a finger at your disability and blame it for your lack of matches or dates.

It’s a convenient scapegoat, but it isn’t always the problem.

When you define yourself by your disability, you are making it difficult for men you meet on dating sites to see you as anything other than a disabled woman.

Think about how often you have put your disability front and center as someone using dating sites.

Is it prevalent in your bio and photos?

It’s not that you should hide your disability.

You shouldn’t.

But making it front and center in how you represent yourself and go about chatting with men on dating sites is where you are doing yourself a disservice.

Some of these men aren’t turned off by your disability, they are turned off by how you make it such a central part of your dating profile or what you two talk about.

Think about what makes you a unique individual.

What compliments do you often receive from friends and family about your personality and lifestyle?

These are the areas that warrant the bulk of your attention in terms of how you represent yourself on a dating site.

Do you love travel?

Alright, talk about that on your dating profile and post photos of you traveling to lovely locations.

Do you love theater?

Wonderful, talk about some of your favorite plays and what you are planning to see in the near future.

You see, there is more to you than your disability.

When you focus on showing what makes you interesting, it makes you a better catch.

Again, this doesn’t mean that you hide your disability.

That would be disingenuous.

The idea is not to make such a big deal out of it.

You don’t dwell on it.

Your primary concern is in showcasing your amazing personality and interesting lifestyle through what you write on your bio, the pictures you post, and how you engage in conversation with your matches.

Are there men on dating sites who are turned off by your disability regardless of your amazing personality and interesting lifestyle?


Notwithstanding, you don’t have to worry about them.

There are other men who look past your disability once you give them the impression that your entire life isn’t centered on your disability and that you are an interesting person to be around.

In addition, there are dating sites that specifically cater to disabled people.

Although the numbers on those dating sites aren’t as large as those for a general audience, you are among people who are open to dating disabled people when you choose to sign up on these sites.

Make it clear in your dating profile that your disability is well-maintained, whether you are using a a dating site that caters to disabled people or a general dating site.

As long as he knows that dating you doesn’t mean he would have to take care of you 24/7, constantly driving you to doctor appointments and the like, he is a lot more open to matching with you and seeing where the conversation leads.