Is It Common For Guys On Dating Sites To Ask For You To Text Them Right Away?

Is It Common For Guys On Dating Sites To Ask For You To Text Them Right Away?

It is common.

The guys ask you to text them right away are typically the ones who are looking to hook up fast.

They don’t want to spend too much time communicating with you or put in too much effort and work into trying to get to know you on dating sites.

They simply want to cut to the chase and start texting with you in the hopes that this will quickly lead to a hook up in real life.

If a hook up is what you are looking for and you don’t mind moving this quickly, then these guys would be options.

However, if you are not looking to text so quickly and you would rather spend some time getting to know these guys on dating sites, these guys may not be the best candidates for you.

You should ask yourself about what kind of relationship that you are looking for on dating sites.

If you aren’t on dating sites merely to hook up, you shouldn’t feel obligated to give these guys your phone number.

You should never give out your personal contact information to guys on dating sites unless you have reached the point where you feel comfortable doing so.

It is common for guys who try to get you to text them right away on dating sites to get really pushy about what they want.

They may try to make you feel guilty for being slow or reluctant in divulging your phone number.

They may try to make you feel as though you are the one who is being inconsiderate or unfriendly for being hesitant to give out your phone number so soon.

You shouldn’t fall for these tactics.

If you do not feel comfortable with giving away your phone number right away to these guys on dating sites, you shouldn’t do so.

Dating sites are supposed to be a safe space where you can anonymously meet people.

There is no obligation for anyone to give out their personal contact information if they don’t want to.

Hence, do not feel that you have to.

It is common for guys to want to take advantage of people who may be relatively new at online dating by trying to get them to divulge their personal contact information right away.

Try not to fall for this.

These are normally guys who aren’t really thinking about you in this process.

They are thinking about themselves and what they can gain from this.

It is common for guys on dating sites to ask you to text them right away because some of these guys may want to take communication away from the dating sites as quickly as possible.

This is often because they want to control the interaction.

When they are able to get you to start texting them so soon, they put themselves in a power position.

They have taken their interaction with you to the next level by moving it away from dating sites.

This means that they get to have the privilege of connecting with you on a more personal level.

This is the kind of level that separates them from other people who you may be communicating with on dating sites.

By being able to start texting you this soon, they are able to control the tempo and direction in which the conversation goes.

They wouldn’t have this kind of control if they had stuck to communicating with you on dating sites until a time that you were ready to divulge your phone number.

On dating sites, they do not have the control of being able to sequester all of your attention. They can do this when texting you.

If they were to stick to communicating with you on dating sites, you would have the distraction of all the other guys who are trying to get your attention.

They don’t have to compete with these guys when they are interacting with you by phone over text. They get to have you all to themselves.

This is how they are able to control their interaction with you and try to take it toward whatever direction that they ultimately want.