Is It Okay To Include That You Are A Virgin In Your Dating Profile?

Is It Okay To Include That You Are A Virgin In Your Dating Profile?

Stating that you are a virgin in your dating profile isn’t the right approach.

It is too much information, and too soon.

No one is looking at a dating profile with the intent to find out whether the person behind it is a virgin.

A potential match is initially looking for a connection, not the status of your sexual prowess, or lack thereof.

The revelation that you are a virgin on your dating profile is information that she never requested from you.

Although you think that you are showing transparency by including that you are a virgin in your dating profile, you are instantly putting yourself at a disadvantage the moment a match looks at your dating profile.

It gives her the impression that you are including this information because you have little confidence in who you are as a person.

She interprets this as you sending a signal to any potential matches that you don’t know that much about life and you haven’t done that much in your life.

In essence, you expect a match to guide you by the hand through life, and lead.

Women don’t want this.

You come off as weak and unappealing.

Additionally, most women would prefer dating a guy who isn’t a virgin.

However, this doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be open to a virgin, as long as she gets to know the guy and experience his charming personality and exciting lifestyle beforehand.

This is within the context that she doesn’t know he is a virgin.

This approach gives you the latitude to show her how exciting and fun you are, letting her look at you as a good catch without any thought about your sexual experience.

Including that you are a virgin in your dating profile rarely gives you an opportunity to impress her in other areas of your life.

You instantly put her in a position where she judges you as inexperienced sexually and in life, which makes you less appealing to her.

There is no need to put yourself at such a disadvantage this soon.

Exclude the fact that you are a virgin in your dating profile, and focus more so on creating a dating profile that is attractive.

An attractive dating profile is personable and fun to view.

Post good photos of yourself showing yourself doing activities you love, and looking like you are having a good time.

Write a bio that is riveting, as you write descriptive paragraphs filled with interesting details about your life, while displaying a unique personality that illuminates how much fun you are.

A woman doesn’t only want to be attracted to you physically, she wants to connect with your dating profile emotionally too.

When you apply your attention to making your dating profile as attractive as it can be, you attract the right women to your dating profile, who are swiping right and wanting to get to know you.

Including that you are a virgin this transparently rarely gives you an opportunity to show a potential match that you are a multifaceted and fun person to engage with.

Instead, you make her draw an instant conclusion that you have no confidence in yourself and have little life experience, which leads to a reluctance to want to get to know you, and consequently a swipe left.