Online Dating: Barely Get To Speak To My Partner Because Of Time Zones?

Online Dating: Barely Get To Speak To My Partner Because Of Time Zones?

Time zones are a major factor in relationships.

This is someone you met online and have an exclusive relationship with.

The beginning was thrilling.

The connection was palpable.

That was what led to the exclusive relationship.

Since then, the reality of a long distance relationship has kicked in.

You barely get to speak to your partner because of the time zone difference.

And it’s significant.

A day versus night difference.

With so many hours between you, it has been hard.

At the outset, you both made it work, but now, your partner isn’t as compromising.

You are the one who has been putting in the bulk of the effort in communicating amid these disparate time zones.

Regardless, getting to speak to your partner is increasingly untenable.

There is a part of you that believes this has everything to with the large difference in time zones, but there is a different part of you that suspects your partner is pulling away.

Given that she hasn’t been making anywhere near as much of an effort as you to accommodate the time difference and be available, your suspicion that she is pulling away is getting increasingly prevalent in your assessment of what is happening.

You are right.

Your partner is pulling away.

This was inevitable.

It is very typical of long distance relationships.

In your case, the time zone difference is literally day versus night.

That is a huge impediment.

Long distance relationships are demanding enough as it is when couples are separated by a state or two, let alone a time zone difference that is day versus night.

As painful as this sounds, you have to strongly consider ending your long distance relationship with this girl.

She is already showing that she isn’t keen on putting out anywhere near as much effort to making this time zone difference work as you have.

This lets you know that she is succumbing to the challenges of having such a huge difference in time zones and is emotionally divorcing herself from the long distance relationship.

Although you mutually agreed to an exclusive relationship, each of you were caught up in the excitement of the moment, having met online and developing a connection.

This is excitement that obfuscates the mind, making it near impossible to think ahead.

The time zone difference was never thought through, as you were mutually caught up in a dopamine rush.

Presently, the reality of such a massive time difference is sinking in, and this long distance relationship is not anywhere as amazing as it once was.

I get that you love this partner, and that irrespective of everything you have read so far, you continue to want to stay in this long distance relationship.

To this end, there is a remedy.

Give her a definitive time frame for when you expect the two of you to be in the same location permanently, and prepare a well-thought-out plan with actionable steps that lets her know you are taking this seriously.

If you haven’t completely lost her emotionally, presenting this plan gives you a shot at reinvigorating her.

Long distance relationships that are successful have a concrete plan for when either party is to be together in the same location permanently.

This gives either party something to look forward to, as opposed to progressively dreading the prospect of remaining in a long distance relationship that has no end in sight.

Provide her with this plan and see whether it reignites her into putting more effort into making time to speak to you again, irrespective of the significant difference in time zones.