Online Dating: How Common Is It For Someone To Reschedule A First Date And Actually Show Up?

Online Dating: How Common Is It For Someone To Reschedule A First Date And Actually Show Up?

There has been too much rescheduling of first dates that never led to your date actually showing up for you to ignore this phenomenon.

It keeps happening to you and you are about catatonic at this stage.

Yet again, a guy you met on a dating app scheduled a first date with you and had to reschedule.

It doesn’t help that you spend the entire week excited about the date, only to hear from him on the day of asking to reschedule.

Such a bummer.

Being an adult about it, you are civil and agree to the rescheduled date.

After all, life happens and unexpected events occur.

Your civility is punished.

He does it again.

Cancels the date that was rescheduled on the day of the date.

History repeats itself as your excitement is dashed by yet another cancellation.

You are sick of it.

It has you wondering whether guys ever actually show up after rescheduling a first date.

How common is it really?

To answer your question, a guy who reschedules a date has a much greater probability to not show up for the date, than a guy who doesn’t reschedule on you.

Human beings are creatures of habit.

Once we do something that is forgiven, we have a tendency to do it again and again.

As long as we keep getting away with it, we keep doing it, creating a bad habit.

These guys on dating apps who have rescheduled first dates with you have done this to other women.

These women were accommodating.

Like you, they thought that life happens and things unexpected occur.

They forgave the cancellation and accepted the rescheduled date.

And yes, like you, they ran into the same issue.

A rescheduled date that got cancelled on the day of.

That’s a good number of women who were excited about a first date that was cancelled on the day of.

So, you are in good company.

By the time you matched with this guy on a dating app, he had already been forgiven for rescheduling dates over and over by previous matches.

When he set the first date with you, he already knew the odds of rescheduling it were high.

That means he never took you seriously.

A guy like this won’t actually show up.

And the more you forgive him for each date he reschedules with you, the more emboldened he is to keep doing it.

Although guys who reschedule a date commonly don’t show up, there is a small percentage of guys who do.

These are the guys who reschedule a date for the very next day or the day after.

He genuinely wants to meet you and is doing his best to make it up to you by setting the date up for a day that is closest to the one that was originally set.

This is the guy you should accept a rescheduled date from.

A guy who reschedules a date for a week or more out doesn’t have any sense of urgency or desire to make it up to you.

This is a guy who has the strongest odds of never showing up.