Online Dating: Do Women Find Men With Beards Attractive?

Online Dating: Do Women Find Men With Beards Attractive?


Most women find some form of beard on a man attractive.

If they come across the dating profile of a man with a beard, they will have a stronger likelihood of checking out that profile than if the man didn’t have a beard.

Beards are often looked at as sexy and mature by women.

The length and look of the beard is also an important factor.

If you are thinking about putting up some pictures of yourself on your online dating profile, it would be a good idea to take account of both the length and style of your beard.

Stubble on a man is often looked at as very sexy.

It tends to cause instant attraction.

Oftentimes, women who look at a guy with stubble as attractive will find it easy to see themselves hooking up with the guy fairly quickly.

Whereas, if you have a beard that is longer in length, women will often look at you as mature, will often consider you as a better candidate for a long-term relationship and will probably take more time in getting to know you.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the effect that both of these lengths have on women aren’t interchangeable.

However, in general, that is how women look at those lengths.

They are both lengths that are attractive, but they just come with different expectations.

Now, although women do find men with beards to be attractive, not every kind of beard will work.

If you have a very scruffy, overly long and uneven beard, you may have a difficult time getting women to find you attractive.

The kind of beard that a man wears often gives the woman an idea of the kind of man he is.

If you post a bunch of photos of yourself with a very scruffy beard to your dating profile, a woman will typically interpret that level of unkemptness as something that represents your entire life and nature.

She will instantly assume that your life must be disorderly and a mess.

She wouldn’t want to come into that kind of life.

She would want to come into a life with someone who is secure and has his affairs in order.

So, be careful about the kind of beard that you wear and consequently exhibit on your dating profile.

If your primary objective is to attract women, you would not be attracting them with a very scruffy, overly long and uneven beard.

Again, most women would interpret that kind of beard as an indication of who you are as a person.

Even if you may have your life together, they would still assume that you don’t, due to that kind of beard.

Something else that women find attractive about beards is in how masculine they come off.

Women do like to feel like the feminine person in the room.

A clean-shaven guy can work for a lot of women, especially if he is attractive, but they rarely exude the kind of masculinity that a man with a beard does.

Be careful though.

If you choose to wear a beard, you should have a masculinity to your persona that is natural and unforced.

That is what she will expect when she chats with you and if you are lucky enough to meet up with her, she will expect the same consistency.

If you don’t have that natural masculine vibe, she may be disappointed when she meets you.

In other words, your beard should match your personality.

If you normally don’t wear beards and tend to exude a more passive-aggressive aura, it may be best to stay true to your unique nature and avoid posting pictures of yourself wearing a beard.