Online Dating: Getting Annoyed By Excessive Emoji Use?

Online Dating: Getting Annoyed By Excessive Emoji Use?

Although this guy seems nice enough, his excessive emoji use in messages he sends to you is getting annoying.

You thought it was cute originally, but not so much anymore.

He is taking it to a whole new level.

Almost every sentence he uses in his messages has an emoji in it.

Why must the most mundane words be accompanied by an emoji?

This is baffling to you and as much as you thought you could ignore it, you can’t.

You have had moments where you have finished a conversation with him and felt annoyance overwhelm you.

Instead of thinking about the conversation and what was discussed, your mind was filled with thoughts of the emojis he used in the conversation which were completely unnecessary.

It’s not easy finding a guy on a dating app that has common sense and good conversation skills.

This guy meets that mark.

But the emojis are too much and you can’t help but dread every new conversation with him, knowing that the conversation is bound to be filled with emojis.

It isn’t strange that excessive emoji use in your conversations with this guy has left you feeling annoyed during and after conversations you have with him.

These are text messages that you are reading in-between work breaks and errands.

You are already stressed enough.

To think that you are having to witness excessive emoji use on top of all that is annoying in and of itself.

You have never been one to use emojis all that much in conversations you have with people.

It’s not that you have anything against them.

You have never felt the need to use them excessively, believing that words are enough to convey meaning.

This guy doesn’t see it that way.

To him, emojis are essential in conveying meaning.

He has been doing this for a while.

He sends excessive emojis to people in his life, whether it be friends, family or coworkers.

So, you aren’t the only one that has to deal with his excessive emoji use.

Being that this is a habit of his, he isn’t thinking for one minute that it could be annoying to someone.

Over the years, he has gotten too used to using them in his messages to people.

He doesn’t realize how annoying they are.

Indeed, some of the people he messages may get annoyed at them but never mention it so as not to upset him.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be a shock to learn that no one has told him about how annoying it gets when he sends excessive emojis.

You don’t have to be that restrained.

After all, this is someone with the potential of becoming a boyfriend.

You are well within your rights to call him out on it.

Relationships are all about boundaries and compromises.

His excessive use of emojis is annoying enough that it requires a compromise.

Key word is compromise.

Although you two are still in the getting-to-know-you stage, it’s alright to compromise on a few things.

Think about your own annoying idiosyncrasies.

Pick one out and use that as your compromise.

In a message to him, you could say something like, “I promise to stop saying “um” so much if you promise to stop using so many emojis, lol.”

Just like that you have let him know that his emoji use is excessive without being rude about it, while making a compromise to stop saying “um” so much on your part.

He probably doesn’t care that you say “um” a lot or whatever idiosyncrasy it is that you are using to make a compromise, but now he does know that he uses emojis excessively.

From here on out, you will most likely see a substantial decrease in the number of emojis he uses in messages.