Online Dating: Was I A Side Chick?

Online Dating: Was I A Side Chick?

You were a side chick to this guy if you noticed that he was really sporadic in how he communicated with you.

In other words, he may have texted you consistently for a day or two and then would completely disappear on you for days or more.

You may have tried texting him a few times to try to connect and didn’t hear back from him.

After a few more fruitless attempts to contact him, you may put him in the back of your mind and started trying to move on.

However, you would suddenly hear from him again.

He may act as though nothing happened or give you some weak apology.

This is typically a tell-tale sign that you were a side chick to him.

He was this sporadic with communication because he was talking to other girls during the time that he was away.

These were girls that had a lot more priority to him in terms of romantic interest than you did.

When he suddenly reappeared back into your life and started communicating again, it was because he wanted to make sure that you hadn’t forgotten about him.

He still wanted to keep one foot in your world so that he could always come to you for favors.

You were a side chick to this guy that you met through online dating if you noticed that he never really planned out dates with you.

In essence, he would only go out on impromptu dates with you.

He may have been the sort who would text you on a random Friday night and ask if you wanted to go out and do something without any warning whatsoever.

He often did this because you were never in his plans to begin with.

He may have already had a date planned with a girl that he was actually a lot more interested in that didn’t come to fruition.

The girl may have cancelled the date or even flaked on him.

He was unhappy about that result and needed something to help him feel better about himself and boost his ego.

Being that he already knew that you liked him and would most likely agree to an impromptu date just so that you could hang out with him, he contacted you.

Again, these kind of unplanned, impromptu dates with a guy often means that you really weren’t in his plans at all.

He was either just using you as an ego boost in order to make himself feel better about the girl cancelling or flaking on him, or he was just bored and decided to use that opportunity to keep making you feel hopeful that the both of you would become more serious in the near future.

You were a side chick to this guy that you met through online dating if you noticed that you were the one constantly asking for a date or to see him.

He may have talked to you frequently but he rarely asked you out on a date.

He may have eventually given in to you and gone out on a date here and there.

However, you often ended up being the one who paid for the date.

This is a guy who was fine with communicating with you and keeping you in his world to that extent, but he didn’t have the motivation to actually take you out on a date.

When he finally agreed to it, he typically didn’t feel the desire to pay for the date because he had no motivation to try to impress you or win you over.

He already knew that you liked him and took advantage of that fact by letting you pay for the date.

In essence, you were simply not worth any financial expenditure.

As far as he was concerned, he was the one who is doing you a favor in coming to a date that you had been pressuring him to partake in for some time.

You were a side chick to this guy that you met through online dating if you noticed that he would much rather you come over to his place or he come to yours than actually take you out on a date.

Whenever you met him, it would often be at his place or yours.

This is typically a sign of a guy who was just not serious about you.

He didn’t want to put out the effort to woo you.

However, he didn’t mind sleeping with you or fooling around with you.

You were just a side chick to him that he could use to meet his physical needs whenever he wanted.