Online Dating: Updated Her Pictures After Our 1st Date?

Online Dating: Updated Her Pictures After Our 1st Date?

After a great 1st date, you were excited about seeing her again.

Of course, before meeting on a 1st date, you were anxious about whether you would get along as well as you had on a dating app.

Those fears were quelled when you met her and she was warm and sweet.

Conversation was fabulous, akin to how it was when you were chatting with her on a dating app.

The time flew by quickly and there were no awkward silences.

By the end of the 1st date, there was a tentative, but energetic agreement to meet on a second date in the near future.

There was an affectionate hug at the end of it, and you left the venue of the 1st date exceedingly excited and hopeful about the second one.

Lo and behold, when you later logged into your account to view her dating profile, she had updated her pictures.

Just like that, so much of your excitement plunged.

The 1st date was still very fresh and here she was changing some of her pictures before the smell of the double expresso coffee you had at the 1st date had dissipated from your nasal senses.

All your insecurities kicked in.

The thought that all of the goodwill you had with her at the 1st date was nothing but a smokescreen to keep you on her back burner, as she gets matches and goes out on more dates with other guys from a dating app.

Next thing you know, you are struggling to get her to agree to meet up on that second date, or you are struggling to get her to reply to your messages, as she is too busy attending to the messages from these guys and going out on dates with them.

You are fearful of this.

Too many women on dating apps have ghosted you in the past, despite how well the conversations were going.

Although, unlike those women, you got as far as going out on a 1st date with this woman, you remain fearful that she isn’t above the idea of ghosting you.

You have never been ghosted by women to the extent as you have on dating apps.

Dating apps have made it easier for people to ghost without any conscience or regret.

Now that she has updated her pictures, there is a trepidation that you know what is coming.

A part of you is tempted to preempt this by blocking or unmatching her.

It’s a psychological wedge for you now.

You are so fearful of what she is going to do next.

So far, she continues to reply to your messages promptly, but you are worried that it won’t be long until her replies take longer to arrive, until they fizzle out completely.

I hear you.

Given your encounters with multiple women who have ghosted you on dating apps, you are terrified of the prospect of being replaced with a new match, and that second date never materializing.

You shouldn’t be so hung up on this woman this early.

It has been one date.

One date.

It’s too soon to expect this woman to drop everything, ignore her dating profile, and give you all of her attention.

She is playing the field.

That is part of the online dating process.

One date in is too soon to expect her not to log into her dating profile and make updates to her pictures or bio.

She isn’t doing anything wrong in doing this.

And you would be doing yourself a favor in doing the same.

Keep your dating options open too by asking other women out on dates that you match with.

This opens you up to women who could be better matches for you.

The only time a woman shouldn’t be changing or updating her pictures is when she has gone on several dates with a guy and mutually decides to date the guy exclusively.

Until then, she is wise in keeping her dating options open, and so should you.