Online Dating: I Get Likes But No Messages

Online Dating: I Get Likes But No Messages

It’s vexing to say the least.

Getting a bunch of likes was nice enough in the beginning.

It felt nice having all those women liking your dating profile.

There was a significant ego boost that came with that.

It didn’t take long before you detected something else.

These likes weren’t generating messages.

This had you baffled.

Why send likes and not message?

It has now been weeks of this.

A number of women like your dating profile but you don’t receive subsequent messages from them.

You were under the impression that getting likes was the initial step before receiving a message from someone.

Yet, there is no follow-up.

There are a number of reasons for this.

The first and likeliest is that you are getting likes from women who aren’t real.

These are fake dating profiles that are casting a wide berth in liking as many dating profiles as possible.

The idea is to get the men to respond to the likes and take advantage of the men by getting said men to divulge their personal information.

These likes are done by spambots.

These spambots aren’t designed to send messages.

They are engineered to send likes to numerous dating profiles, but they don’t have the capability to construct messages.

So yes, it’s unfortunate, but the likelihood that you are receiving likes from a fake spambot connected to a fake dating profile is strong.

Here are a couple more reasons.

Some women send a like but they don’t message, hoping that the guy messages her first.

As a woman, she believes that she has made an aggressive move in liking your dating profile to begin with.

To follow that up by messaging you is too much for some women.

It’s too aggressive in her book.

On top of this, she believes that she has taken the first step in liking your dating profile and that the onus is on you to make the next move.

I know it’s annoying when you get a like that isn’t followed up with a message, but there are a good number of women who want to be pursued on dating apps.

Sending you a like was as far as she was going to go with making an aggressive move on you.

Now it is your turn to make your move.

A move she hopes ends up being a message from you in her inbox.

Our third reason why you get likes but no messages has to do with women who have too much on their plate.

Although you got a like from her, she has a good number of guys she has already matched with that are talking to her and hoping to get her to agree on a date in the foreseeable future.

She intended to message you but is sidetracked with messages she is exchanging with these various men.

As time goes on, your profile slips further and further down her queue.

It happens that fast.

Women are by far the most sought after on dating apps, and with an abundance of riches in admirers, she gets sucked into a rabbit hole.