Online Dating: I Keep Matching With The Same Person And Then He Unmatches When I Message?

Online Dating: I Keep Matching With The Same Person And Then He Unmatches When I Message?

The algorithm of the dating app believes that you are a match with this person.

Upon comparing your dating profiles, it found similarities in interests and activities.

This is why the algorithm keeps sending you the same person as a match.

You have swiped right on his dating profile several times, and he wouldn’t message you.

Finally, you decided to message him first and didn’t expect what happened next.

He unmatched with you upon receiving your message.

This has you wondering why the algorithm keeps sending him as a match and why he chose to unmatch with you.

To reiterate, the algorithm believes that you are a good match with him, given that there are similar interests and activities listed in your dating profiles.

It isn’t unusual for an algorithm to send you the same person as a match multiple times, especially when it doesn’t see that you have had a conversation with each other.

This whole ordeal is irritating to say the least.

It has you feeling like this has been a waste of your time and the algorithm was misleading in what it was doing.

This irritation is reasonable, but you do have to recognize that an algorithm isn’t perfect.

It follows a basic equation in how it goes about matching people.

Where there are a good number of common interests, it determines that a pair would be a match.

That is all it can do.

The rest is up to the two human beings that are being targeted for a match.

Although you are a match with this guy, on paper, there is a significant reason why he unmatched with you when you messaged him.

He isn’t physically attracted to you.

With the absence of physical attraction, he doesn’t believe you are a good match for him.

The dating app’s algorithm is completely powerless when it comes to determining whether two people will be attracted to each other physically.

This creates a brand new conundrum in your mind.

Why would he swipe right on you in the first place if he isn’t physically attracted to you?

Unfortunately, lots of guys swipe right indiscriminately on dating profiles without paying much attention to who they are swiping on.

Guys on dating apps don’t receive anywhere near the same amount of matches as women do.

To offset this, a preponderance of guys swipe right on every dating profile they are presented with.

The idea is that in playing the numbers game, they increase the odds of receiving a greater number of matches.

Unfortunately, this is a guy who never bothered taking a closer look at your dating profile before swiping right on it.

Your dating profile was one of a countless number that he indiscriminately swiped right on.

Upon receiving a message from you, he took a closer look at your dating profile, wasn’t attracted to you physically, and consequently unmatched with you.

Don’t take it personally.

Being that guys like this swipe right indiscriminately on numerous dating profiles, an abundance of women go through the exact same phenomenon.