Online Dating: Saying They Want A Relationship And Then Changing Their Mind?

Online Dating: Saying They Want A Relationship And Then Changing Their Mind?

Some guys say whatever they believe you want to hear to get what they want out of you.

Telling you that they want a relationship and even stating as much in their online dating profile isn’t a guaranteed indication that they truly want that.

But, you take them at their word and choose to talk to them, even go out on a few dates with them.

Inevitably, you discover that they weren’t being honest about wanting a relationship and now, you have wasted precious time on them.

Most of these men didn’t genuinely change their minds about wanting a relationship.

They already knew from the start that they didn’t want one.

Some men just want to date as many women as they can without any commitment.

Online dating has provided a prodigious supply of girls to hook up with.

They have learned that giving the girl the impression that they want a relationship improves their chances at getting the girl to talk to them and go out with them.

They use this ruse to get many girls to hook up with them knowing full well that they have no intention of getting into a relationship with the girl.

Now that you have found yourself a victim of many guys like this on dating sites, you need to think about the commonalities in your experiences.

This teaches you about the implicit behaviors attributed to these men.

Identifying these men early allows you to get rid of them before they are able to corrupt your mind with their charm.

You don’t want to waste your time with liars like this anymore.

You want a serious relationship.

What have you observed about your experiences with these guys that are very similar in nature?

For one, guys like this want to meet you fairly quickly, some, very quickly.

They say all of the things that you love to hear and charm your socks off.

You start getting taken by them quite fast.

Before you know it, they are asking to meet.

Your instincts tell you that it is too soon.

Yet, they have been so amazing to talk to that you worry about turning them down and the potential of losing them by so doing.

Don’t keep doing this.

If your instincts tell you that it is too soon, it is.

A guy who is genuine about wanting to find a serious relationship with someone is patient.

They know that you are a gem and won’t have an issue with waiting longer to meet you.

The guys who stick it out and wait, while continuing to have intricate conversations with you, are the best candidates for a serious relationship.

You filter out a lot of the guys who are lying to you when you make them wait.

This doesn’t mean that you make these guys wait forever.

Your instincts let you know when you feel comfortable enough to meet them in real life.

Guys who lie about wanting a relationship and “change their minds” afterward are good at making the girl feel guilty or using the silent treatment to coax the girl into meeting them on a date.

These are two go-to tactics they use.

If you tell them that you aren’t ready to meet, they have a way of guilt-tripping you by telling you something that makes it seem as though you are the one who isn’t being honest about seeking a serious relationship.

They adopt the silent treatment in stopping the frequency in which they had been communicating with you to make you anxious about why you aren’t hearing from them as often.

These are manipulative tools that are very effective in getting a girl to agree to meet too prematurely and are very strong signs that this is a guy who isn’t serious about seeking a relationship.

A guy who is serious about wanting a relationship understands the importance of trust.

Manipulating the girl just to get her to meet up with him sooner doesn’t make him feel comfortable.

He wants the girl to be comfortable and won’t resort to manipulative tools just to get her to do what he wants.