Online Dating: What’s The Point In Messaging When Your First Message Is, “Hi?”

Online Dating: What's The Point In Messaging When Your First Message Is, "Hi?"

This isn’t uncommon.

Lots of people on dating apps complain about the quality of first messages they receive.

Seeing a “hi” as a first message is a phenomenon that occurs too frequently.

It makes you wonder about what the point was in messaging.

A first message is supposed to show interest and curiosity.

None of that is demonstrated when that first message is nothing but a “Hi.”

You are right.

People should know better.

Saying “Hi” in her first message to you isn’t good enough.

You have every reason to be frustrated from it.

Especially when you took the time to create a dating profile that is filled with great information about you.

There is so much to look at and pick from.

It’s unimaginable to you that someone would send a message that is so lazy and unimaginative.

Why bother?

A first message like that doesn’t make a recipient particularly excited to respond.

You have two obvious options.

You either ignore a first message like this, unmatch the person, and move on, or you respond.

What warrants a response?

There are moments when a first message like this isn’t coming from a woman with little interest or a lackadaisical approach to online dating.

Sometimes, first messages like this are from an introverted woman who is socially awkward.

For a woman like this, it took a lot for her to send a first message in the first place, even though it was just a “Hi.”

She is legitimately interested in the guy, but her socially awkward nature is such that she struggles with initiating a proper conversation.

Have you ever dated an introverted woman who is socially awkward?

If you have, it doesn’t hurt to respond to her first message, as bland as it is.

How do you establish that this is an introverted woman who is socially awkward?

Scrutinize her dating profile.

There are telltale signs introverted women abide by in how they construct their dating profiles.

Her photos are primarily shot indoors and they are of her and no one else.

She is doing a stationary activity, such as reading a book or petting her dog.

In her backyard, she is gardening, watering, or planting.

Her bio further illustrates she is introverted.

She writes about her favorite books, movies and anime.

Introverts are known to love anime.

Anime has dynamic characters that trigger an emotional response in introverts due to their relatability.

Additionally, she writes about her family and friends, but briefly.

Being an introvert, she has a small circle of people she loves and cares about.

As a result, she is protective of them.

This causes her to be more reticent in how much she writes about them on a public platform.

Not being the talkative type, the sentences in her bio are short.

As an introvert, she isn’t the type to go off on a tangent.

In this vain, her short sentences are carefully written with next to no grammatical errors.

These are all telltale signs that she is an introverted girl who is socially awkward.

Introverted girls require time to warm up to a guy.

Although she didn’t send you a message that was well-thought-out, she believes she had a valid reason for it.

She was worried that in being more imaginative with her first message, she could write something that makes her look bad.

She doesn’t want to ask you something in her first message that makes her come off as ignorant.

Introverted girls who are socially awkward are known to be overly self-conscious.

That being said, these girls do loosen up, becoming significantly more extemporaneous as they get to know you.