Online Dating: Why Do Women Usually Schedule Dates Very Far Out?

Online Dating: Why Do Women Usually Schedule Dates Very Far Out?

It has happened time and time again whenever you are setting up a date with a woman from a dating app.

She tells you that she isn’t available on the day you suggest but is available a week or so later.

It puzzles you.

Why do women schedule dates so far out?

As a man, you can meet someone on a date fairly quickly.

Within a 48 hour span to be exact.

It isn’t a big deal.

Yet, when you set up dates with women on dating apps, they schedule the dates out very far.

You just want to get on with it.

It’s not about wanting what you want now or else, like a spoiled child.

It makes sense to you to get on with it sooner.

Why not meet early and figure out whether there is real life chemistry between you, than wait a week or more to find out?

It seems like time wasted, especially if you two meet a week or so later and the chemistry isn’t there.

I see where you are coming from.

As a man, you want to get on with it and find out whether there is real life chemistry.

It’s not like you are asking her to do an activity that requires a lot of preparation or time.

A coffee date isn’t complicated.

It doesn’t require a bunch of preparation or time.

It shouldn’t be that hard to fit it into a schedule, even a busy one.

Sometimes, you get the feeling that women schedule these dates so far out because they aren’t all that excited to meet up and are biding their time, waiting to see if someone better comes along during that time.

You do have a point.

That is a reason for some women.

Then, there is the woman who schedules dates out very far with the intent of wanting to take some more time to get to know you.

The thing is, some guys ask women out too quickly on dating apps.

It’s like he is on a race to beat the next guy.

Guys are in constant competition with each other on dating apps hoping to get the attention of women.

To beat out the next guy, he asks a woman out too quickly.

Many women experience this on dating apps and are taken aback.

Not to be impolite, she agrees to the date but schedules it far out.

She is buying time.

Time she wants to spend getting to know the guy better.

She doesn’t know whether she likes him enough to want to go on a date with him but she isn’t ready to say no to his request.

It seems rude.

Besides, she has been enjoying the conversations she has had with him so far, which means there is romantic potential.

She agrees to the date but schedules it out far, hoping that in that time she gets to know him better and is in a better position to tell whether they have a romantic connection.

Men make a huge mistake at this juncture.

After she agrees to the date but schedules it far out, he isn’t as communicative.

He marks the date on his calendar and doesn’t talk to her all that much in-between.

This is a turn off to her.

It sends the message that he isn’t intent on getting to know her as a person.

It’s no wonder that when the guy looks to confirm the date after a week or more of sporadic lackluster communication, the woman is a lot less inclined to go on it.