Online Dating: Why Guys Don’t Contact After Sex And How To Deal With This Situation?

Online Dating: Why Guys Don't Contact After Sex And How To Deal With This Situation?

It felt like a match made in heaven.

You two met on a dating app and it was impactful.

You talked online for a while.

The chemistry was electric.

It was easy to converse and connect on common interests.

You went on dates.

It was inevitable that sex would happen, given how much chemistry you shared on a dating app and consequently in real life.

The sex was great.

You felt amazing and once it was over, you thought you would see each other again.

Unfortunately, you didn’t hear from him.

You waited it out.

Your heartbeat soaring with each hour that passed that you didn’t hear from him.

But, he didn’t contact you.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

You have had sex with guys you met online who ended up not contacting you after sex.

With this pattern, you are now strongly pondering how to deal with this situation.

You don’t want to keep ignoring it.

Every time you meet a guy you like on a dating app, you are already thinking about whether you are about to experience the same thing.

If you two hit it off and have sex, is he no longer contacting you after the fact?

You are getting so much more terrified about this, as you don’t want to have to keep going through this.

It has you feeling dirty and unworthy when this happens.

So how to deal with this situation?

Well, your situation isn’t unheard of.

There are a good number of women who meet men on dating apps who disappear on them after sex.

There is no contact all of a sudden, as though they never met.

It leaves so many of them bitter too, feeling used.

Although your experience has left you feeling that guys don’t contact after sex, that isn’t the rule.

There are lots of guys who contact after sex.

The most important thing to do is that you know what type of guy you are chatting with and consequently meeting.

This means you have to vet the guys you meet on dating apps.

Instead of getting caught up in his charms, your concern should be primarily about who he is as a person.

His character.

Who does he associate himself with?

What do people have to say about him on social media?

What sort of crowd does he attract?

A guy with a good reputation is your best bet.

It doesn’t completely eradicate the chances that you don’t hear from him after sex, but it reduces these occurrences.

Instead of getting caught up on his looks and charm, study and investigate his character.

You gather this information from how patient he is with you when you two talk and meet.

A guy who demonstrates an emphasis on getting to know you, as opposed to bringing up sexual topics at every opportunity, is your best bet?

He isn’t quick to invite you back to his place either.

Instead, he is using the dates to authentically get to know you as a person.

On top of this, you gather information from his social media presence through what he posts about and those he attracts.

Is he primarily making superficial posts that are designed to make him look good to the opposite sex?

Muscle shirt pics for instance?

Is he attracting women who are primarily drawn to his superficial posts?

Have the presence of mind to vet a guy before sleeping with him and you will be grateful you did.