Online Dating: Why Is A Person’s Vaccination Status A Criteria When Looking For A Partner?

Online Dating: Why Is A Person's Vaccination Status A Criteria When Looking For A Partner?

A person’s vaccination status has become a litmus test for a bunch of people on dating apps.

With the advent of the pandemic, vaccines were politicized.

People on two political camps took their stand.

Liberals believed that getting a vaccination was the responsible thing to do to avoid further covid-19 deaths, and conservatives believed that their freedoms and health were being threatened by being forced to take a vaccine.

Both sides took to their sides and wouldn’t budge.

Inevitably, the vaccination debacle became a litmus test for what side of the political fence people are on.

A person who hasn’t been vaccinated is instantly considered to be a conservative.

Once a liberal on a dating app sees that a person hasn’t been vaccinated, she instantly assumes that the person is a conservative.

This opens the door to a bevy of additional assumptions.

He must be someone who doesn’t believe in women’s rights, loves guns, and doesn’t like immigrants.

These are a few of the areas that liberals and conservatives have disagreements on.

Lots of these viewpoints aren’t going to be listed in his dating profile.

That’s why his vaccination status is pivotal to her.

Once she sees that he isn’t vaccinated, she assumes that he checks all the other boxes that conservatives do.

Using vaccination status as a criteria when looking for a partner gives her a doorway into what his politics is.

Lots of guys don’t want to write about their political views on dating apps so that they don’t turn off liberal women.

With a lack of this information on his dating profile, she uses his vaccination status as her litmus test.

In knowing whether you are vaccinated or not, she gets a better idea about what your viewpoints are.

Given that she is looking for a partner, she wants to know that she is matching with a guy who shares similar viewpoints.

Like attracts like.

People look for similarities in each other.

This is what leads to who we decide to make our friends and our lovers.

Yes, I know, it seems asinine to judge a person solely based on their vaccination status.

Notwithstanding, for liberal women who have this stipulation on their dating profiles, it’s a litmus test that gives them insight into your politics and viewpoints.

You shouldn’t be so upset by this.

If anything, she is doing you a favor.

She likely isn’t someone you would be compatible with anyway, assuming you are looking for a long-term partner.

Even if contrasting political viewpoints aren’t are deal breaker for you, they are for her.

Thereby, you two would have never been compatible anyway.

Everyone she knows or is close to is vaccinated.

This means that the people that matter most in her world are liberals too.

She is influenced by this.

The last thing she wants to do is bring someone into her world who isn’t vaccinated.

She would be judged for this, and designated as the black sheep of the group.

As human beings, we all want to belong and be loved.

She doesn’t want to be ridiculed and ostracized by her family and friends in taking a risk on dating someone who isn’t vaccinated.