Online Dating: Would You Swipe Right On Someone Who Drinks, “Frequently?”

Online Dating: Would You Swipe Right On Someone Who Drinks, "Frequently?"

The options on the dating app are, “frequently,” “socially,” “rarely,” “never,” and “sober.”

He chose “frequently.”

This gave you pause.

Although he is physically attractive and has a number of factors about his dating profile that you like, you don’t know what to think about his choice.

At face value, he doesn’t seem like a drunk.

His dating profile gives you the impression that he is accomplished, and highly active.

Yet, in choosing the option that he drinks frequently, you don’t know whether he is worth taking a risk on, by swiping right on his dating profile.

Would you swipe right on someone who drinks, “frequently?”

Not everything is at it seems.

There are lots of people who unwind with an alcoholic beverage at the end of a long work day, and keep it at that.

In other words, he has one drink a day.

This doesn’t make him a drunk.

Statistically, a drunk drinks 5 or more drinks a day.

Given all of this guy’s accomplishments and the dating profile photos that show that he has an exceptionally active lifestyle, there are less odds that he is a drunk.

A drunk isn’t this upfront with how frequently he drinks on his dating profile.

He doesn’t want to turn anyone off.

A quintessential drunk would have lied about how frequently he drinks, and chosen a less worrisome option.

On the contrary, this guy had no qualms with choosing the option that he drinks frequently.

This level of honesty usually indicates that he isn’t a drunk.

He is more so a guy who has a healthy disposition in how he goes about drinking, and never lets it get out of hand.

All of this being said, there are no absolute guarantees that he isn’t a drunk, without further exploration.

Unless you have a general rule against dating someone who drinks, or you are a recovering alcoholic who can’t be around anyone who drinks, you should swipe right on his dating profile.

Getting into an ongoing conversation with him gives you a better idea of who you are dealing with.

Is he capable of carrying a conversation?

Does he remember conversations you had in the past and ask follow-up questions in reference to those conversations?

Drunks have constant blackouts and memory loss.

If he is a drunk, he won’t have the ability to remember conversations he had with you in the past, let alone ask you follow-up questions in reference to those conversations.

As long as you are open to someone who drinks, it’s worth your time to swipe right on him and get into a conversation with him.

There are people who drink frequently that are healthy, functioning human beings.

They function at work or school.

They travel, and have never had a DUI.

Although it sounds scary that he drinks frequently, it isn’t an automatic indication that he has a drinking problem or is a drunk.

Taking into account how much you like the rest of his dating profile, it’s worth it to swipe right on his dating profile and find out for sure.