Online Dating: Would It Be Weird To Include 1 Pic Without Glasses?

Online Dating: Would It Be Weird To Include 1 Pic Without Glasses?

Lately, you have been wearing glasses more often, and to that end, your current pics on a dating app reflect that reality.

You are wearing glasses in all of your pics.

Nevertheless, you are tempted to include one pic without glasses, believing this makes your pics more dynamic and lets people see what you look like without your glasses on.

Given that whoever you meet and hit it off with is going to be seeing you in glasses and without, you want to give them the full specter of what to expect.

That being said, you are wondering whether it would be weird to have several pics on your dating profile without glasses and one with glasses.

The last thing you want is to give off a weird vibe with your dating profile.

It is hard enough to get quality matches.

You don’t want to reduce your shot at getting quality matches by confusing people who come across your dating profile.

Would she get confused upon seeing several pics of you without glasses on and one with you wearing glasses?

Would she think that you are being disingenuous?

You don’t want to confuse anyone.

Being as forthright as possible with your dating profile is vital to you.

You know what it feels like to be misled on a dating app.

You have been there before and it didn’t feel good.

I hear you, but you are overthinking this.

There is nothing weird about including a pic that has you without glasses on.

On the contrary, it’s a good thing.

It lets people see your whole face without anything hampering it.

Nothing wrong or weird with that.

After all, the person you date is going to see you with and without glasses.

So, it makes sense that you would include a pic of yourself without glasses, giving people a full range of what to expect should they end up dating you.

Bearing this in mind, it isn’t weird to include a pic of yourself without glasses on.

It’s a good idea to include more than one pic so as to give potential dating prospects that much more of a sample of what to expect if they were to date you.

This aside, take a moment to consider whether you like your glasses.

Do you have an issue with the glasses you wear?

When a guy hates his glasses, he never seems all that comfortable having them on.

When you wear glasses on a regular basis, they become a part of you.

A part of your personality and identity.

It is smart to wear glasses you love.

This brings out the confidence within you and makes you feel good about wearing them.

Do you like your glasses?

If you don’t, think about booking an appointment with your optometrist and getting yourself a new fashionable pair of glasses.

You would be surprised at the difference this makes in your confidence and overall disposition.

This confidence comes off in the pics you take.

Your confidence is key.

When a woman sees a man exuding confidence in his dating app pics, it draws her to him, regardless of whether he is wearing glasses or not.