Why Would A Super Hot Girl Use A Dating Site?

Why Would A Super Hot Girl Use A Dating Site?

She is trying to take control over who she wants to date and believes that using a dating site will give her this edge.

In other words, she may want to have access to the right kind of guys that she would want to engage in conversation with.

She may be a super hot girl that has been getting the attention from the wrong type of guys in the real world.

She may have allowed herself to date guys who ended up playing her or cheating on her.

This may have happened enough times in real life that she ultimately decides to use a dating site.

In doing this, she may be hoping that she gets to choose the man that would be right for her.

By using his dating profile, she is able to get an idea of what he is like as a person and what his life may be like.

This is more information to work with than she may normally have with guys who happened to approach her in real life.

In the real world, she may not know much about the guys who approach her and may ultimately give in to dating them because of their charm.

She comes to later discover that the guy that she thought she was dating was indeed not the guy he truly was.

This hurts her.

This super hot girl may have fallen for guys like this over and over again until deciding to use a dating site.

By using a dating site, she has a degree of control over who she decides to engage with.

She is able to use his dating profile to get a good sense of who he is as a person.

She is able to use conversations that she has with him on the dating site to ascertain whether he is truly representing the person that he is portraying in his dating profile.

Oftentimes, a super hot girl uses a dating site as a filter.

She doesn’t have this filter when guys approach her in real life and this may have proven to be a heartbreaking disadvantage to her time and time again.

A super hot girl would use a dating site because she may never get approached by guys in real life.

Though she may be a super hot girl and one would think that she would get approached by many guys in real life, this isn’t always the case.

There are some super hot girls who never get approached by guys in real life.

Some guys may be simply too scared to approach the super hot girl because they believe that she is out of their league and she will reject them.

Other guys may avoid approaching her because they may simply assume that being that she is this super hot, she would already have a boyfriend.

There are indeed some super hot girls in real life who go through this issue.

They may get stared at a lot by guys in real life, but they may never get approached by them.

Hence, they decide to use a dating site.

Guys are a lot more brave in approaching women on dating sites than they are in real life.

The same guys who would have just stared at her in real life and never approached her will often send her a message on a dating site.

It is easier for guys to handle rejection on a dating site than doing so in real life because of the impersonal nature of a dating site.

It’s a face behind a dating profile as opposed to a real life face to face encounter.

Hence, it is much easier for guys on a dating site to message super hot girls that they would have never approached in real life.

The super hot girl hopes that in using a dating site, she is able to overcome the problem of never getting approached by guys and consequently meet a guy that she wants to be with.