How To Let Someone Down Easy On A Dating Site?

How To Let Someone Down Easy On A Dating Site?

Simply be honest with them.

Oftentimes, people will want to try to embellish the truth when they want to let someone down easy whether it be on a dating site or in real life.

You shouldn’t be this way.

You should be polite but you should also be firm.

If you were to try to let someone down easy on a dating site by trying to be ambiguous, you would be making a mistake.

In being ambiguous, you would not be making it definitively clear that you aren’t interested in this person.

Hence, the person may continue to contact you.

It may get to the point where you start dreading the prospect of checking your messages on the dating site because you know that the person will most likely have a message waiting for you.

It may even get to the point where the person keeps visiting your dating profile multiple times a day.

This will make it that much harder for you to be as attentive as you should be when you are actively using the dating site.

You may be so turned off by this that this kind of negativity could filter its way into the conversations that you have with other people that you are actually interested in on the dating site.

You may lose out on these people because they may become turned off about some of the negativity that is coming from you whenever they engage in conversations with you on the dating site.

You should never let things get this far.

To let someone down easy on a dating site, you should be polite but also be clear.

Let them know that you are flattered that they are interested in you but you don’t feel the same way about them.

That is really it.

There is not much else that needs to be said.

If you fall into the trap of trying to explain yourself or trying to be more diplomatic in the way you let this person down, you could really get yourself in trouble.

The more you say, the more ammunition you give them to use to poke holes at your explanation.

They may ask you further questions to elaborate.

They may proceed to give you a dissertation on all their qualities.

They may tell you that you just need to give this interaction some more time so that you can really get to know what they are all about.

They will come up with whatever they can think of to convince you that you should give them a chance.

This is the trap that you fall into when you are too ambiguous and too wordy in how you let someone down on a dating site.

Again, keep what you say succinct and to the point.

Be polite, but be firm.

It is really all there is to it.

You are not responsible for how this person takes this news.

The only responsibility that you have is to be honest and true to how you feel and to communicate in that vain.

That is it.

In order to let someone down easy on a dating site, it is best that you don’t start off with how amazing you think the person is and how that person will be such a great catch to someone else one day.

This is another mistake that people make when they want to let someone down easy on a dating site.

They feel the need to start off with telling the person about how amazing they are and all the amazing qualities that the person has.

They erroneously believe that starting with praise of the person will make the person feel better about the let down that is about to happen.

This is a mistake.

If anything, the person will feel that much more compelled to question why there is a lack of interest on the other person’s part.

After all, if they have all these amazing qualities that are being mentioned, why wouldn’t they be good enough to date?

This makes the process of letting someone down easy on a dating site that much harder.

To effectively let someone down easy on a dating site, be polite, brief and firm.