Online Dating: Girl Asked Me To Text Her After First Date, Then Ghosted Me?

Online Dating: Girl Asked Me To Text Her After First Date, Then Ghosted Me?

Away from that first date, she was able to get a better perspective on how she truly felt.

Sometimes, a girl can get caught up in the moment.

The date seemed to go well.

You were respectful enough, conversation was easy and you even paid for drinks.

Clearly, this must mean that she had a great first date.

With this level of energy, she is thinking that a second date is only natural.

At the end of the date, she asks you to text her.

Again, she is feeling good about the date and figures that a second date would be even better.

She heads home.

As her trip home progresses and some time elapses, she is coming down from that energy high that she was experiencing during the date.

Sometimes, this energy high is misconstrued as a sign that there was a real emotional connection established on a date, when in fact, this is just her body breathing a sigh of relief that the date wasn’t a complete debacle.

As her energy high is coming down, certain elements are coming to her attention about that first date that she had overlooked.

She notices that there were certain remarks that you made that didn’t connect with her.

You never dwelled on them, so she kind of forgot about them.

Now that she has had some time away from the date on her way home and is coming down from her energy high, she is able to remember.

It’s not just certain remarks that you made that are now making her uneasy, it’s also your body language.

There was something about it that just didn’t sit right with her.

Maybe it was the posture that you exhibited for the majority of the date or a manner in which you looked at her.

Either way, there was something about your body language that made her a little uneasy.

It’s not that she thinks you are some sort of predator. It’s more so that she suddenly doesn’t feel as warm and comfortable as she was feeling during the date.

And now, you are reminding her of some of the other guys that she has already been out on dates with.

Like you, she met those guys on the online dating site.

They seemed a little bit awkward.

Almost as though they were being very guarded with their behavior, unwilling to say or do anything that could possibly offend her.

They were trying to be too perfect and she knows that no one is perfect.

This makes her uneasy, wondering about what those men were truly hiding in trying to be so perfect.

Unfortunately, with all this doubt, she tentatively puts you in the same cubbyhole as the other dates that left her wanting and uneasy.

By the time she arrives home, she knows that there isn’t going to be a second date.

For good measure, she talks to her roommate about her doubts.

Her roommate reassures her that her uneasiness is warranted.

Case closed.

She is convinced that a second date mustn’t happen.

She has already made up her mind, even as she receives the text that she asked you to send her when the date ended.

You are still thinking that everything went well but she has already mentally checked out of that first date.

She responds to your text but doesn’t attempt to make any plans with you for a second.

As soon as that short texting exchange is over, she is on her smartphone looking for a new dating prospect on the dating app that you both met on.

Subsequent attempts to reach her are futile.

She doesn’t respond to your texts.

She has ghosted you.

This feels lousy, but use it as a life lesson.

No matter how good of an impression a girl gives you at the end of a first date, there are no guarantees that you are going to get a second.

A girl’s thought process can completely change between the end of that date and her car or train ride home.

Don’t bombard her with messages.

This will only make her feel more resolved not to respond to them.

As long as you know that you didn’t do anything egregiously bad on that date and you followed proper dating etiquette, you should turn your attention back to finding new girls to date on the dating site.

It isn’t possible to satisfy every single girl that you go out with, as every girl has their own proclivities when it comes to what makes them truly emotionally connect with a guy.

Online dating is a numbers game.

The more dates you go on, the higher the likelihood you eventually meet a girl who truly wants to see you again and doesn’t change her mind when she has had some time away from the date.