Online Dating: He Didn’t Text Me After Sleeping With Him?

Online Dating: He Didn't Text Me After Sleeping With Him?

It’s anxiety-inducing when a guy doesn’t text you after sleeping with him.

This isn’t your first rodeo.

Such occurrences have transpired before with guys you have matched with on dating apps.

This is why you worry whenever you sleep with a guy.

Before you do it, your thoughts are fraught with the fear that he won’t text you after sleeping with you.

Undoubtedly, your past history with men who have not texted you after sleeping with you, has you paranoid about this happening to you ad nauseum.

The latest guy you matched with on a dating app hasn’t texted you since you slept with him.

He took you out on four dates before you slept with him.

It felt right.

There were great conversations shared at the dates and in-between the dates.

Although you were worried about the prospect of sleeping with him and not hearing from him afterward, you felt better about sleeping with him in comparison with prior guys you had slept with.

Unfortunately, the good feelings you had about him have been called into question since you slept with him.

It’s now the day after, and you haven’t received a text from him.

That creeping feeling of dread is gradually taking over your psyche.

All that bad history with men who never texted you after sleeping with you isn’t lost on you, and you haven’t thought about much else all day.

This was a guy you were hoping was different.

It seemed different with him.

There was such a good connection established in conversation and it had taken four dates before you slept with him.

Prior to sleeping with him, he texted you regularly throughout the day.

He initiated many of these conversations too.

It was never forced.

This is a significant reason why you felt so good about him.

Nevertheless, with each passing hour, you get increasingly worried that he won’t text you.

His silence is uncharacteristic, and you can’t help but think that it has everything to do with sleeping with him.

This is a nerve-racking situation, and I can only imagine how worried you are about this.

Since this is the day after you slept with him, and it is uncharacteristic for him not to have texted you by now, there are strong odds that he has lost interest in you.

A guy that is interested in a woman doesn’t change his pattern of communication after sleeping with her.

If anything, he makes it a point to keep regularly messaging her like he was doing prior to sleeping with her, if not more, so that she doesn’t think that all he wanted was to have sex with her.

Unless a major emergency occurred in his life since you slept with him, which is highly unlikely, he is demonstrating that he isn’t interested in you.

The crazy thing is, given how well you two got along, and how many dates you went out on, it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility that you hear from him again.

Nevertheless, getting a text from him in a week’s time or more isn’t a good sign that he is interested in you.

It’s a sign that he is intent on sleeping with you again, and that is all.