Online Dating: Seem To Not Get Past The 4th Or 5th Date?

Online Dating: Seem To Not Get Past The 4th Or 5th Date?

Think about how you behave once you have reached the 4th or 5th date with a person that you matched with on a dating site.

Compare how you behave at this juncture with how you were behaving between the 1st and 3rd date.

There could be a difference in how you are now behaving that is leading to an inability for you to get past the 4th or 5th date.

Do you find yourself becoming a lot more emotionally attached to your match by the 4th date?

You don’t even notice that you become this way.

It is just something that comes to you naturally.

Once you have reached the 4th or 5th date with someone, you become so incredibly relaxed with the person that you start becoming a bit too overeager to show affection or receive affection.

This is where you are at odds with your date.

Though this is the 4th or 5th date, everyone moves at their own pace when it comes to affection.

When you start coming on too strong with the affection, you make a date who isn’t quite ready to go that far with you uneasy.

This makes them question whether they want to have any further dates with you.

Like clockwork, what looked like a promising start to a possible relationship fizzles out.

There is no 6th or 7th date. There are no more dates with this person period.

Becoming too emotionally attached too quickly is something that you should look into.

There has been a pattern of you not being able to get past the 4th or 5th date, which means that the same issue keeps happening by the time you get to the 4th or 5th date.

Isolate the issue and you are at a better place to end this cycle.

Becoming too attached and showing too much affection is not always the sole reason for why you don’t get past the 4th or 5th date.

The opposite of this can also be the problem.

You get to the 4th or 5th date and you aren’t showing the affection that your date wants.

You are still acting with the same rigidness that you were showing between the 1st and 3rd date.

By the 4th or 5th date, your date feels like they have reached a point where you should be more relaxed and affectionate with them.

Yet, it seems like you still feel fairly uncomfortable around them.

You are not responding as enthusiastically to their affectionate advances as they would like.

Your body language feels somewhat stiff whenever they are around you.

You seem to freeze whenever they try to touch or caress you.

This disconnection discourages your date.

They wonder whether something is wrong with them or whether you like them at all.

It is not that they expect you to overdo it with the affection at this point.

They just expect that you are more relaxed and willing to both receive and show a reasonable degree of affection.

There is a part of you that knows you have this problem.

But, you have never allowed yourself to consider that your unwillingness to receive or show an appropriate amount of affection by the time you arrive at your 4th or 5th date is causing you to no longer hear from these dates after the fact.

These two areas, a premature display of superfluous affection or an unwillingness to receive and show a sufficient amount of affection by the 4th or 5th date are often the reasons why dates don’t go any further.

Finding the middle ground between these two extremes is where you find the most success.

Finding that middle ground gets you past the 4th and 5th date and on to heights that you have never experienced.