Online Dating: I Got Blocked After We Video Chatted?

Online Dating: I Got Blocked After We Video Chatted?

After great text conversations on a dating app, a video chat was suggested and agreed upon.

Though you were nervous at the opening, you were left with the impression that the video chat went well.

Or so you thought.

Since you video chatted each other he has blocked you.

It happened the next day.

You don’t know what to think.

Everything seemed to be going splendidly from the moment there was a match on a dating app, until you got blocked.

Getting blocked has you racking your brain as to why.

You are confident it had nothing to do with your looks.

There are a significant number of photos of you on your dating profile, several of them with your full body in view.

On top of this, you sent him extra photos of yourself as you chatted and got to know each other on a dating app.

He said you were beautiful.

Multiple times.

In terms of communication, save for the nerves you had at the opening of the video chat, conversation flowed.

There weren’t any long awkward silences.

He seemed happy throughout the video chat and complimented your good looks yet again.

After all that, he blocks you the next day.

What gives?

Listen, I know how perplexing this gets.

You match with a guy on a dating app, have amazing chemistry with him and he suddenly blocks you after a video chat.

Let’s dissect this.

As long as you looked exactly like you do in your photos, we can rule out your looks as a reason why he blocked you.

This is assuming that you didn’t show up on camera looking a mess.

You took the time to do your hair and makeup.

You looked well-kempt, as opposed to homeless.

Okay, assuming that you took care of yourself in the looks department before the video chat, why would he block you?


Although you shared chemistry while texting each other on a dating app, this doesn’t mean that the same chemistry is destined to be there when you do a video chat.

It’s different when he gets to watch you on video.

There is an energy you give off.

When this energy doesn’t match the one he felt while texting you on a dating app, there is disappointment.

Think back to the energy you gave off while texting him on a dating app versus the energy you gave off while video chatting him.

Remember, you were nervous at the onset of the video chat.

This has a massive effect on your energy level.

Although you think that you got over the nerves early on, how sure are you about that?

Yes, you got over the initial butterflies in your tummy, but there are realistic odds that some nerves persisted throughout the video chat.

Can you honestly say that you were totally yourself during the video chat?

Were there several moments where you held back, not wanting to overdo it?

The thing is, the energy level you gave off while texting him on a dating app was different.

It had a punch to it.

You were totally comfortable being yourself while texting him.

There were no nerves.

This makes sense.

Texting someone is much easier than doing a video chat with them.

There is no camera in front of you when you are texting.

The guy isn’t physically in front of you either.

This gives you the time and space to construct a good response to a text message.

You don’t have this luxury when you are video chatting.

You are on the spot.

It didn’t take long for him to figure out that you were different over video.

He wasn’t perceiving the same energy level or confidence in you.

This is what killed the chemistry, leaving him disappointed.

He didn’t show his disappointment while he was video chatting, given that he didn’t want to be rude.

A day later, his disappointment was evidenced when he blocked you.